Friday, September 01, 2006

Sept 1 2006

Wednesday was the first day of school. My alarm went off at 6:30, and both kids were already up, dressed, had eaten breakfast, and were getting ready to brush their teeth. I took 25 pictures of them for the first day. :D They went with X after school, so I only got to see them get on the bus, and then talk to them on the phone after they got to his house after school. They had a great first day, both were really happy with their teachers. Mark's class lost two kids, so he has 11 kids in his class. Kira's class gained three, with another one maybe coming later, so she has 24 right now.

Yesterday Mark started soccer. I had to wait until I got his soccer schedule (games Tuesdays and Saturdays, practice on Thursdays) before I could figure out if he was going to be able to do STAR (an after-school program offered jointly through the YMCA and the local Communities That Care group), which will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. His first choice for STAR was Korfball, with his second choice rockclimbing and third choice martial arts. Fourth choice was progressive swimming. In the other STAR sessions he has always gotten either his first or second choice, so he'll most likely be doing korfball or rockclimbing.

So anyway, that's Mark's schedule. Plus Kira will be doing Brownies (for which I am a co-leader), and that's two or three Tuesdays a month. So we'll be busy.

Yesterday the neighbor next door put up a privacy fence. At the same time, the town road crew was replacing the culvert that goes from my yard across the road. The guy who's doing the town road work is also going to install a new drainpipe to my basement, so he was doing some extra digging to get that started. He got the culvert all finished, but has to come back to do the drainpipe. That won't be until next week sometime. In the meantime, I have a HUGE pile of dirt and rocks in my yard. :D That's fine, I'm just excited that possibly I'll have some good drainage in my basement finally, and I won't have to have eight sump pumps going whenever it rains really hard, staying up all night to check on pumps, having extension cords snaked all over my downstairs since I can't have two pumps plugged in to one outlet because it blows fuses.

Anyway, lots of activity going on outside around my house yesterday.

Well, the kids have gone out to wait for the bus. I need to figure out what my day is going to look like. (besides laundry, laundry, and more laundry, that is.) My uncle and his wife (love her dearly, but she's just a little older than I am and they didn't get married until I was around college age, so I can't seem to think of her as my aunt) are up from North Carolina, and they go home tomorrow, and I haven't seen them yet, so I think I might try to see them today at some point.

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