Friday, September 22, 2006

The Conflict

Kira and India are "bestest" friends. Have been since day one of kindergarten. Journal entries that Kira writes at school often say nothing but "I love India." Melissa (who is in charge of lunches at school) told me yesterday that they stand in the lunch line saying things like: "I love YOU more" "no, *I* love YOU."

So of course yesterday when we arrived at soccer practice and India was there, the girls were ecstatic. Squeals of joy. Big hugs. Like they hadn't *just* seen each other in class all day.

And then it happened. Their first fight.

India started heading off around the corner of the school. India's mom called her back. India decided to keep going. My daughter started lecturing India about not going where her mom said not to. (apparently my daughter has a streak of kiss-ass.) India, deprived of her partner in crime, retaliated.

"Well, YOU'RE not my friend anymore."

Kira didn't seem particularly crushed by this, just grabbed the next nearest kid and ran off to play. A bit later, when she came over to the bleachers to check in, I asked (knowing full well what had already happened) where India was.

"She says I'm not her friend anymore, so I'm playing with Maddie." (who was nowhere to be seen at that moment.)

So I asked her if she wanted me to help her go talk to India, or if she could handle it herself.

Big sigh: "I guess I'll try it alone."

When the girls faced off (India needed her mom to get her there), each of them looked at the other, then turned their faces away with little noses tilted up in the air in disdain. Then they looked back at each other, burst into giggles, and ran off together.

Would that all her conflict in life be solved so quickly and easily. mk

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