Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Social Studies Loser

I am pathetic.

Now, I'm pathetic in a lot of things, but this one is a little embarassing. My son (sixth grade) knows more state capitals than I do.

Considering he got a 70 on his last capitals quiz, this is not saying much.

Apparently the entire class is doing poorly on this. The first quiz they took, Mark got two right. Fortunately, one of the two was Maine. (whew! if he had not known his own state capital, I would have been a bit embarrassed. Weirdly, the other one he knew was Hawaii.) Now he's up to knowing 35.

I, on the other hand, *don't* know 35. Mark was quizzing me on them this morning (I flat-out told him I don't know these), and it was just plain PATHETIC how badly I'm doing. I think I came up with something like 14. Now, if I see a list of capitals, I can do better about coming up with the states. (still not ALL of them, but better.) It's just coming up with the capitals when I see the states that my mind goes blank on.

I have made myself flash cards. I *will* learn this.

Then I'm going to learn where all the states are on the map.

Where the hell did all this information go? I know I learned it all in school. We did geography and social studies. I was a straight-A+ student. I knew all this at one point. But somewhere, it has gotten crowded right out of my brain.

I'm gonna go study my flash cards.

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