Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Which Celebrity Do You Resemble?

In my Internet travels yesterday, I found a fun little thing at They'll take a picture of yourself that you upload, compare it to the celebrity pictures they have on file, and tell you which celebrities you resemble according to their new "face recognition" technology.

So I tried it, and it turns out the celebrity I look most like is Kate Winslet, with a 70% match. I like Kate, I can handle looking like her. :D

My other candidates were Christina Ricci (68%), Penelope Cruz (68%), Kristin Davis (68%), Katherine Hepburn (67%) and Molly Ringwald (67%, and might I add, blah. I don't like her.) Oh, and Madonna (64%), Scarlett Johansson (64%), Emmanuelle Beart (63%), Michelle Williams (62%). I don't know Emmanuelle and Michelle are. Hmm.

Anyway, give it a try. It's pretty fun.

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