Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Don't Know How I Find These Things/Little Rock

So, I'm totally avoiding housework again (yes, this is a repeat offense of mine), and I do one of these "check out someone's blog" and "link to another person's blog" and etc and etc and now I am reading someone named Miss Doxie and I just hit an entry that literally made me laugh until I wheezed and tears were squeezing out of my eyes. It's here.

Now, I've hit a bunch of entries at various blogs that have made me laugh. I'm sure some of them were funnier than this one. But for some reason my funnybone was absolutely clobbered by the vision of this drunk college kid leaning from the passenger side out the driver's side window and trying to Force the cop.

I think discovering blogging may be one of the serious mistakes I have made in my life. 'Cause I can spend literally all day reading these things. And have. And there has got to be a more productive way to spend my time. Like learning state capitals. But damn, this is a lot more fun.


Under the "While I remember it" heading of blog entries, apparently the sixth grade teacher is less than impressed with her class's lack of capital knowledge. They were playing this game where she would ask one kid a state capital, and if he didn't know, she would move on to the next kid. If that kid answered correctly, they got a new capital, and then it would move on to the next kid (one kid did not get to keep answering capitals until they messed up). Anyway, she got to Arkansas, and hit a roadblock. It went from kid to kid. Teacher abruptly stops and leaves room. Kids are looking at each other like "huh?" Teacher comes back into room, stalks over to kid's desk, slams something down on it and says "What is this?" Kid looks, ventures a guess "a little rock?"

Hey, there's some word-association for you. Bet those kids remember THAT one.


Which leads me to my next "oh, hey, I just remembered THIS one"....My parents and I were talking about (can't remember what now), but Dad and I were going on about how much we like rocks (yes, we like rocks. we don't STUDY them or anything, we just like them. moving on). Anyway, my mom started getting really really frustrated with us and burst out: "THOSE ARE NOT ROCKS!!! THEY ARE STONES!!!!!!"

'cause there's a difference?


From answers.com dictionary:

rock (rŏk)
1. Relatively hard, naturally formed mineral or petrified matter; stone.

stone (stōn)
1. Concreted earthy or mineral matter; rock.


Oh dang, I could get started on another whole tangent of "silly Mom stories" like the "OAT" story (which is hilarious. Must remember to blog it sometime), but now the dryer has stopped and I really *do* intend to get at least the laundry caught up today.

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