Monday, September 25, 2006

I. Am. Pathetic. (please be my friend)

I want validation! I want commiseration! I want chuckles! I want bonding! (not to be confused with bondage, although since it has been three years and 223 days since I've had sex, that could be interesting as, no, focus mk, focus) I want, I want.....


Although I should probably start with the more important *basis* for comments.


I've had this blog for all of what, five days. I don't have a wide circle of online friends as it is (or offline, for that matter), so it's not like I have this huge pool of people to choose from who would immediately notice that I've started a new blog and race over, fighting to be the first to comment. Still, as the clock ticks on and my pathetic little sitemeter number remains itsy-bitsy, I'm feeling more and more pathetic. And thus, I am violating one of the CARDINAL RULES OF "COOL" BLOGS. I am admitting that I want people to come here. To read. To like it. And to tell me.

I feel like the new kid at school. The one who walks into the lunchroom and notices that there's NO PLACE TO SIT. So she just stands there pathetically holding her lunch tray. Until eventually she sees one empty spot, where she self-consciously sits and tries to feel like all around her she's NOT surrounded by tons of people who are all laughing and in-joking and enjoying themselves.

So of course, writing this blog and whining about how nobody LIKES me is just going to make everything ALL BETTER. Now people will FLOCK to my blog, read this and RUN THE HELL AWAY AS FAST AS THEY CAN.

sigh. loooooooooo-zer. mk

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