Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bills, Bills, Bills (aka I Love Being Poor)

Gotta say, the bill-paying time of the month is even suckier than "that" time of the month (which I am just getting over, oh joy). As I'm scribbling out my bills this morning, I am being mentally serendaded by Fiddler on the Roof ("If I Were a Rich Man") which continually is getting glammed-up by Gwen Stefani ("Rich Girl"). When there is a slight lull in the music, Destiny's Child pipes up with "Bills, Bills, Bills."

Bill-paying day (including mortgage) directly following a day in which I shell out $214 at the dentist for a cleaning and X-rays (not even any cavities! I can't AFFORD cavities) AND also apply at the local Community Action Program for heating assistance for the second year in a row is nearly enough to drive me directly to bed for the remainder of the day. I am so far resisting this overwhelming urge. Then again, it's 7:41 a.m. Wish me luck on the rest of the day.

The GOOD thing about today is that tonight is the season premiere of CSI. The GOOD CSI.

Well, okay. I'm gonna go stick these bills out in the mail. Then I am going to hide my head in a book for a little while until hopefully I get a surge of energy.


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