Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Harbor House

It's the biggest post-season basketball tournaments in the state. This year 82 middle school and high school teams (no seniors are allowed to play) from all over the state will compete at six different locations in the Bar Harbor area over three days, March 15-17. Hundreds of players. Thousands of spectators.

It's The Great Harbor House Shootout.

Kira's travel team is going. I just called and booked us a room for the weekend. (panic panic panic) It's a double-elimination tournament, which means we are guaranteed at least two games. Our first game is on Friday, second on Saturday morning. If the team keeps winning, we may end up in the championship on Sunday.

It's going to be CRAZY. -mk

Friday, March 01, 2013


In the process of working on the renovations, Max & I had to take down the ceiling in the playroom. Total helljob, btw. Anyway, at one point we were taking contractor bags full of stuff through the window. Max had successfully stepped through the window to get from the deck to the playroom. So I tried it. Naturally...I injured myself.

Gave myself a mild concussion.

So the next day (yesterday), Mark is at the Y swimming with his girlfriend and her sister. He's swimming from one end of the pool to the other and thinks that he's too close to the surface. So he jackknifed to get a little deeper...and smashed his face against the bottom of the pool. He has a big egg smack dab in the middle of his forehead, that has the imprint of the tiles in it. His girlfriend's sister dubbed it "the Jesus brand."
Now, he's got his first performance of "The Great Gatsby" tonight. He's Jay Gatsby. His director is going to FREAK. (Stage makeup will cover it, but still.)

Meanwhile, I have told Kira to be very very careful today. ~mk

A Slight Bit of Disarray

I have some work being done on my house. Two different crews are going to be doing a serious ton of work, lots of improvements. I'm tickled to death for the end result (one major project is fixing the damn basement so I'll never ever have to worry about the water in it again). In the meantime, there's of course a lot of disruption.

I'm trying to take my amusement where I can get it. Like yesterday. They're installing new flooring in my bathroom (and a new toilet, which wasn't originally on the list but I'm not going to turn that down), and while they were installing the subflooring they did this:

Yes. My toilet was in my shower stall. Needless to say that bathroom is currently not functional. ~mk