Friday, January 11, 2013

101 List: 2013 version

OK, so I enjoyed the last 101 List in 1001 Days so much that I've decided to do it again. Here's my new, 2013 version. I'll be updating the list as I go along, with a link in the sidebar that tells the status of each item, in case anyone's interested. ;)

101 Things in 1001 Days

Start Date: January 11, 2013
End Date: October 9, 2015

Green items: done (with completion date)
Orange items: currently underway (with progress noted)

  1. Go out of the country
  2. Make out my will
  3. Find out the kids’ blood types (called Dr. 1/11/13; called Hospital Patient Records, releases being sent; received releases)
  4. Donate blood at least eight times (2/4/13; )
  5. Finish FAFSA for Mark (Feb 2013)
  6. Revive “Anti-Procrastination Wednesday”
  7. Buy a stock of some kind
  8. Get rid of the Intrepid (10/4/13)
  9. Get to 170 pounds (5/23/13)
  10. Get to 149 pounds
  11. Have a mammogram (7/16/13)
  12. Set up an appointment with a dermatologist for a skin-check
  13. Six consecutive weeks of exercise at least three times a week (30 minutes min)
  14. Go one week eating only unprocessed foods
  15. Drink at least 64 oz of water every day for four consecutive weeks
  16. Go bike riding
  17. Buy myself a real raincoat (5/11/13)
  18. Get new camera (from Mark & Courtney 5/11/13)
  19. Have a massage
  20. Get a decent laptop (12/2013, 09 MacBook)
  21. Get a henna or airbrush tattoo
  22. Get a “Wreck This Journal” 1/26/13 @ TJMaxx
  23. Use up all my gift cards (TJMaxx & WalMart done; found another TJ's card eek)
  24. Write more thank-you notes & send more birthday cards
  25. Carry my camera –everywhere- for one week; take TONS of photos
  26. Spend the afternoon at the ocean, just me and a book
  27. Watch Brenda play hockey
  28. Go to a roller derby
  29. Go out to a restaurant I’ve never been to (Come Spring Cafe, March '13)
  30. See at least five movies at the theatre (Frozen 12/13; Catching Fire 12/13;)
  31. Stay overnight in a state other than Maine or Massachusetts
  32. See an IMAX movie
  33. Live at camp for a week
  34. Go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show
  35. Go white-water rafting or canoeing
  36. Spend a weekend (at least 2 days/1 night) at camp completely alone
  37. Go hiking at least 3 times
  38. Go to a college-level or higher sporting event
  39. Take Kira to Paris, Maine
  40. Go to an amusement park
  41. Go to a water park with the kids; go on at least one ride/slide/whatever
  42. Take the kids to the ocean for a day; bring a picnic
  43. Go for a walk in the rain (at least 30 minutes)
  44. Go horseback riding
  45. Get some sky-lanterns; release at night (on the Evans 9/29/13)
  46. Host a sleepover party for Kira (New Year's Eve 2013)
  47. Send a care package to Mark at college
  48. Create a font out of my handwriting
  49. Learn 25 ASL signs
  50. Renew library membership
  51. Revive the blog: post at least weekly for three consecutive months [TAKE NOTE!]
  52. Watch five “classic” or famous movies that I haven’t seen
  53. Use my firepit
  54. Take a new family photo (Mark's graduation 6/7/13)
  55. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
  56. Watch a meteor shower from the float at camp
  57. Try new recipes from five different cultures (Argentina 2/11/13; Bhutan 5/16/13; China 1/1/14; Germany 1/5/14)
  58. Learn to knit –and- purl
  59. Build a gingerbread house
  60. Make a quilt with Kira
  61. Bake bread five times
  62. Make a pie on Pi Day (3/14/13: apple, choc cream, chicken pot pie)
  63. Make & organize a collection of “favorite” recipes
  64. Participate in Operation Beautiful (
  65. Finish cataloging DVDs
  66. Create backup discs of all photos
  67. Reorganize computer
  68. Set up regular backup of computer
  69. Build or get a monitor stand
  70. PAINT KIRA’S ROOM (5/18/13 finished! frozen petite violet)
  71. Paint ceiling in bedroom
  72. Repaint the stairs & bannister
  73. Paint the kitchen
  74. Install new ceiling tiles in dining room
  75. Replace the kitchen lights
  76. Fix wiring for downstairs
  77. Fix basement water problem (March '13)
  78. Replace sliding glass door
  79. New flooring in bathroom (installed 3/1/13)
  80. Clear out playroom
  81. Clean out my bedroom
  82. Clean out and reorganize third floor (cleaned out, needs reorganizing)
  83. Clean out garage
  84. Clean out above garage
  85. Sell some things on Facebook Yard Sale page (posted cookie jar 2/12/13)
  86. Organize & get rid of some books
  87. Get a new lamp for my bedroom (maybe two) (repaired old lamp June '13)
  88. Frame “Knot”
  89. Frame “Blue Nude”
  90. Paint the fence
  91. Paint and assemble the Adirondack chair
  92. Build shed doors
  93. Crushed rock floor for side shed
  94. Fix window in side shed
  95. Clear out rock garden & redesign
  96. Divide and transplant bleeding heart & Autumn Joy sedum
  97. Scrape, sand & paint doors outside
  98. Plant something under front windows
  99. Fix up mailbox
  100. Create new 101 list before end date
  101. Save $5 for every completed item on this list. ($90 as of 1/6/14; envelope in 2nd drawer)
Wish me luck, people! ~mk

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