Tuesday, March 14, 2017

*45 Wants Stories About How "Obamacare" Has Affected American's Lives...

Here's my response:

I am so glad that you are opening this for people to share stories about how Obamacare has affected Americans!!

I have been disabled for the last fifteen years, and as a (divorced) single mother of two with no other income than Social Security, qualifying for Medicare and Medicaid (as MaineCare) has made it so that I don't have to choose between getting the health care and prescriptions I need, or putting food on the table.

Before Obamacare, I was able to see my mental health care professional only a certain number of times, and only after pre-approval and a referral from my primary care physician. For years, I went without proper treatment as my PCP tried to manage my psychiatric medications. As a family physician without any specialized training in the rare mental illness I have, it was barely sufficient and I (and my family) suffered through a lot of problems with my health.

Now, with the mental health parity, I can get the professional care I need to manage my disability, covered in the same way that a physical illness would be.

The way Obamacare has been structured, I have been able to have several surgeries to remove large cysts that had engulfed my ovaries, as well as a surgery to relocate my stomach from having herniated up to being more than halfway into my chest cavity and put back into my abdomen. Without Obamacare, I would not have even been able to afford to go to the doctor for checkups, much less afford the tests needed to diagnose these issues, and the surgeries necessary to save my life.

I would literally not be alive right now if it wasn't for the care I have been able to get under Obamacare. I am terrified that the changes the current administration has in mind are going to make it impossible for me to continue with the current course of treatment I am receiving, which is finally starting to see some positive effect. I am terrified that my prescription drugs will no longer be covered at the level that they are now, and that my twice-weekly sessions will go back to being so strictly regulated that it was barely a way for me to be surviving, much less being able to move forward to better health. I am terrified that repealing and replacing Obamacare means I will have to choose again between taking care of my health or paying my other bills.

The current administration's proposal for healthcare reform will very likely lead to a huge decline in my health, as well as an inability to afford health insurance, which will lead to a further decline in my health. In all honesty, it is not unrealistic to believe that I will die, and that is something I and my doctors are trying to fight.

So, it is my hope that the "American Health Care Act" not be passed, and that the Affordable Care Act be left in place. I STRONGLY believe that the AHCA, or "Trumpcare", will have a negative financial and health impact on a huge percentage of Americans, and that millions will be left without affordable health insurance, and will therefore end up with life-threatening conditions and no way to pay for treatment.

I can't understand how the people who designed and support Trumpcare can be okay with the financial breaks that the upper-middle-class and wealthy will get, at the expense of the lower-middle-class, poor, disabled, and elderly. I can't understand how the supporters of Trumpcare can be okay with making these people more financially destitute, as well as putting their lives at risk. People -will- die if Trumpcare is enacted, and I cannot understand people who are so hard-hearted that they are okay with that, as long as they get more money in their own pockets.

Please save the ACA. My life matters.


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

What To Do, What To Do...

In the time it's been since I was blogging regularly, so much of my life has changed. Mark's out on his own, Kira's a high school junior, I have a cat, I'm back to my first, best therapist (twice a week), and I've become obsessed with politics.

We'll focus on that last one, because that's the source of the dilemma that led to this post.

The majority of this blog was pretty much just me rambling about various me-centric issues. It was a space for me to put down the things that have happened with me and my kids, some nonesensical ramblings, and just day-to-day things that were pretty much only important to me.

Then the country went insane and we ended up with...well...the current person in the Oval Office.

Now a HUGE part of my life is caught up in trying to deal with my fledgling experiences as someone who cares about politics. For most of my life, I was deliberately politically ignorant. I had a hard enough time dealing with the things that immediately surrounded me, I didn't have the emotional energy (or interest) in moving beyond that scope to things that I really didn't feel I had any possibility of changing. I don't handle the feeling of helplessness well, so why would I deliberately subject myself to that?

Not sure how that exactly changed, but it did, and now I'm all into the political stuff. And I'm liberal (I know, that's so surprising to anyone who has read even a little bit of my stuff). I feel an obligation to speak up and work to try to improve what's going on.

I need to be able to work a lot of this out in my head by writing it down. Gee, like maybe...blogging!


This was pretty much a mommy-blog. Do I leave this blog and start another one, or stay here?

There are pros and cons to both. The biggest 'con' is that if I end up getting read (I know, bold thinking, considering the bazillions of other, better, more involved writers out there), I'm afraid that the rest of my blog, my previous years, will get negatively impacted, and I don't want that.

However. Having all this history here is also helpful.

Dunno. Maybe I'll link it. Maybe I'll just start the other blog and if I don't like it, I'll transfer the posts here.

I'll keep you...um...posted. ~mk

Saturday, January 21, 2017

No, It's Not Deja-Vu, It's Plagiarism

Trump and his team are...well, fucked up. One of the more fucked-up things they keep doing is copying Obama. For someone who spent so many YEARS bitching that Obama wasn't a real citizen and therefore wasn't a legitimate President, Trump sure seems to want to be just like him.

* Melania's speech, copying Michelle Obama's speech.
* Trump's first POTUS Twitter header, which was a photo from OBAMA'S inauguration

* Trump's inauguration cake was deliberately commissioned to be an exact duplicate of Obama's...but not by the original cake maker. Also, while the original cake had each layer a different flavor, Trump's was made of styrofoam, except for a 3-inch slice on the bottom (the part he cut with the sword). WTF. And it wasn't mentioned until the original cake designer spoke up.

* A line from Trump's speech echoes that from Bane (Batman villian).

* Trump's joke at the Alfred Smith Dinner was plagiarized from a cartoon on RollCall in July, by RJ Matson. Trump plagiarized a joke about Melania's plagiarism.

So much of Trump seems to fall under the category of "you just cannot make this shit up". It's ridiculous, really. And the biggest question seems to be WHY? This is not coincidental. This is deliberate. And it makes no sense.

Plagiarism in general seems to be a Trump-team thing. His pick for a National Security Council position, Monica Crowley, stepped down because it was revealed that large parts of her published book were plagiarized, as was her PhD DISSERTATION.

Ivanka was sued for copying shoe styles for her brand.

Trump apparently lifted about 20 pages in his Trump University "textbooks" from a 1995 series "Real Estate Mastery System".

His campaign copied voter registration instructions (out of date, at that) from various websites, without giving credit.

He copied a lot of an op-ed he published in Guam News in March 2016 from one written by Ben Carson.

He filed to trademark his slogan "Make America Great Again"...except that was REAGAN'S campaign slogan. Trump still insisted he made it up.

I'd question how the man got elected, but the answer to that is one part Hillary haters and about five parts Russia/GOP collusion.

It will be interesting to see what Trump decides to steal of Obama's next. Again, for people who spent so much time bashing the Obamas, Trump's team seems very eager to -literally- copy them. ~mk

Sunday, January 15, 2017

More Than One Way To Skin a Cat

Since I was a kid, I've been using the phrase: "There are multiple methods to de-fur a feline."

Interestingly, most people just stare blankly at me when I say this.

Yet, "there's more than one way to skin a cat" is immediately understood.

Oh, people.