Monday, September 25, 2006

Tell Us What Prizes We Have For Our Winners, Bob!

So Kira's in the shower tonight, and I'm listening to her from down here at my desk. At first it was just regular ol' shower-singing, no biggie (but still fun to listen to). Then at some point I become aware that Kira is hosting a game show up in the bathroom. The following *must* be read with a deep booming game-show-host voice (which is how Kira was saying it all):

Host Kira: aaaaaaand THOMAS! What have YOU drawn for us!
Kira as Thomas: popcorn.
Host Kira: YES! Popcorn is a HEALTHY SNACK! Everyone clap for THOMAS!!!! (much applause from Audience Kira.)
Host Kira: aaaaaaand NICOLE! What have YOU drawn for us today!
Kira as Nicole: I drew a carrot.
Host Kira: YES!!! A healthy snack AND it can be used in a SALAD!!! Everyone clap for NICOLE!!! (Audience Kira applauds)
Host Kira: aaaaaaaand KIRA!! What have YOU drawn!
Kira as Kira: A chocolate chip cookie.
Host Kira: OH!!! NO GOOD!!!!!!! Nobody clap for KIRA!!!!!!
Host Kira, moving on: INDIA!!! What did YOU draw!
Kira as India: A banana.
Host Kira: YES!!!! VERY GOOD, INDIA!!! A banana is a HEALTHY SNACK!!!!
Host Kira: Did anyone draw a TOMATO!!!!!! YES!!!!!! You think you drew a vegetable but you really drew a FRUIT!!!!!! (Applause from Audience Kira)

It was at this point that I was laughing too hard to hear any of the rest. mk

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