Friday, September 08, 2006

Sept 8 2006

Well, so much for not having to get cleats this season. Mark had a pair of cleats that were passed on to me from another mom after her kid outgrew them. I was pleased, 'cause that saved me a bit of cash. Well, yesterday at practice, the entire sole of one of them cracked to pieces. Mark's got a game tomorrow. So I had to run to the store today to see if by chance there happened to be a pair of soccer cleats in his size. Amazingly enough, I found a pair (whew), and they were actually pretty cheap ($18)--I was expecting to have to pay way more than that, IF I was fortunate enough to find the right size. So I am saved. (provided that when Mark actually tries them on tonight, they fit....if not, we'll be running back to the store tonight (sigh).

Each kid is bringing home a friend from school tonight. I have discovered that this is the ideal way to avoid major snarking and interference from the kid who *doesn't* have a friend over. So four kids is easier than three.

Now I really have to stop avoiding this laundry and "get 'r dun." I'd also like to get a good vacuum and maybe floor-mop in before kids get home. (about TIME I clean the floors, they're gross)

I read some poll somewhere which asked if you had an extra $100 a month to spend on either spa services or a cleaning lady, which would lady won hands-down. I have to agree. :D

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