Friday, September 29, 2006

Fun Little Yays

Busy day yesterday, but a bunch of fun little "yays" in the day.

* I installed a new stereo in my car yesterday. (finally spent the Christmas money my parents gave me!) As in, did all the wiring myself and everything. Took a couple of hours, but it was done before soccer practice. :D It looks good, and it sounds GREAT! I can now listen to CDs in my car, AND my iPod plugs in to it. Whoooooooohoooooo! Plus the incredible sense of accomplishment from doing it myself. [Dad was impressed. He didn't think I'd be able to do it, and was just waiting for a phone call from me so he could 'fix' it. hahaHA!!]

* After years of dial-up and no other options, I just found out yesterday that I might be able to get WIRELESS. ANDANDAND for less money than I am currently paying for the dial-up plus the separate phone line I have dedicated for my computer. (Actually, for less money than just the dial-up! So I could KEEP the separate phone line and still be spending less money!) I'm gonna call on it today. WIRELESS, PEOPLE!

* I will NOT be dying of lockjaw in the next ten years. Got a booster shot yesterday. I decided to make that into a 'yay' instead of a 'this sucks' even though the muscle in my upper arm is extremely sore. It's all about the attitude. ;)

* I now have the password information I need to log on to PowerSchool and check on Mark's grades. So I can know ahead of time what the report card will say. Right now he's got three A's and two B's. (learned about it at the laptop meeting at school last night, which we had to go to before the kids could bring their laptops home, although the sixth grade still won't be bringing theirs home until probably mid-year.)

* I have somehow, without dieting, managed to lose 10 pounds in the last two or three weeks. This is amazing. I am not thinking about the 50 pounds I still have to lose.

* refunded the shipping. Not a big yay, but it happened.

So, overall a good day yesterday. Today the only thing I am *required* to do is go get Mark after STAR at 5:30. (I was supposed to get blood work done, but it requires fasting and I forgot and ate something this monring. Oh well. Monday's good.) It's rainy, I'm exhausted, I might nap. Apple picking tomorrow morning with the Brownie troop and then Mark has a soccer game. Yes, a nap might be a good thing. mk

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