Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Divorciversary to Me!

BTW, on this date four years ago (at just about this time, as a matter of fact), my divorce became final!

Interestingly, we celebrated (well, didn't 'celebrate', actually...'observed?' no, we ignored it....I guess 'reached' will cover it) our eighth anniversary while we were in the middle of our divorce proceedings. I was SERIOUSLY tempted to create a card for this occasion. You know those sappy cards which read "It's Our First Anniversary?" This one would have read "It's our Last Anniversary." I wonder if Hallmark would be interested in that as a product line....

Anyway, happy divorciversary to me!!! mk

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The Beast Mom said...

hey there!
I am sorry I have not been blog-visiting in so long!!! I have been insanely busy (yeah, yeah, yeah, who's not, bm?)

I like your new blog home here -nice color choices, etc. I think you will end up w/ more visitor people at Blogger than at previous. At least it seems that blogger people go around visiting a lot unlike other people with the initials 'b' and 'm' (ahem).

We just moved my husband's office this past week and are doing major renovations/painting/construction etc. to the building. More crazy stuff is ahead, probably for the next couple months. Why do you have to live way over there anyway? I need someone to go to the movies with so I don't go crazy from attending 18 meetings a week. I hate meetings. See, now I'm writing really rambly stupid stuff to you that you definitely don't care about. Maybe I'll try to break the 97 hour visitor record. Oh wait, I have dial-up so that would mean no one would ever be able to call us again. But that might be GOOD!

Ok, I'll cut out the crap now.

Have a good afternoon!