Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 11, 2006

Well, I've joined the School Volunteers group. Somehow I have found myself in charge of a project already, although it's a pretty easy one. I am arranging a Playground Date for the lower school kids, as a sort of way for new parents to get to know each other while their kids bond a bit, too. Sort of an extended recess. I think I'm also going to design a flyer/handout that explains what the SV's are, in hopes of getting a few more parents involved. There were five people at the meeting, including me. I was really kinda surprised, I thought there were a lot more people in the group. Some people *were* absent, but only like three. When Jodi said they needed new people, she was not kidding.

Anyway. We'll see how this goes. I was afraid it was going to be really clique-y or high-pressure, but it really wasn't too bad. Nobody stared at me and said "What are YOU going to do, MARKIRA?" or made me feel like I HAD to sign up to help with EVERYthing (which is good, 'cause there's no way I can do all that. I can do a little, though, and I figure every little bit helps).

I also did all the prep work today for our first Brownie meeting on Thursday. Got the paper doll stuff all printed out (we're making paper dolls to put on our Kaper Chart), forms, meeting notes, dues records, attendance sheets, little voting slips for the girls to pick what Try-Its we're going to work on together. I'm glad to have it all done.

So, now kids are in bed (Mark has a little bit more reading time before lights-out), I've done a bazillion loads of laundry today, and I still have to put sheets on my bed before I can go to sleep. Sigh. Well, off to do that.

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