Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sept 7 2006

I have only moments left before I need to leave to meet my pastor for breakfast. Decided to spend that time on the blog.

I'm irritated as all hell because while I was blowdrying my hair, my neck decided to do one of its spasms. Much pain. It's slightly better now, so I don't have to clutch my neck constantly, but I still can't turn my head very far to either side. Took some Aleve, maybe that will help. But in the meantime, there was no way I could do my hair (it's ponytailed. again. sigh.), and makeup was a serious challenge. Thank goodness I was already dressed. At the time it happened, and for several minutes after, I was worried that I would have to cancel on the pastor. But I'm gonna give it a go.

Got an office visit review form from my doctor yesterday, in preparation for my checkup/exam. One of the things is to list all the medications you take, including over the counter. Then it says (in bold, all-capital letters) to bring your meds with you to the visit. WHY? I just LISTED them all, including dosage and frequency. Does the doctor seriously want me to bring everything I take with me? What about the stuff I only take when I'm I supposed to bring that, too? I decided that it was a stupid request and I'm not gonna do it. It's stupid enough that I have to list medications that HE PRESCRIBED and should already have on record. I like the rest of the form, though, 'cause it is designed to make sure that you get all of your concerns addressed, and it will help with that wonderful phenomenon whereby as soon as you walk into the doctor's office, you immediately forget any medical questions you've had since your last visit. (similar to the one where you take your seriously ill child to the doctor and by the time you get to the waiting room they are no longer exhibiting any symptoms at all.) (no, seriously, doctor, she was spitting up pea soup and her head was spinning on her shoulders....really....she was doing it IN THE CAR ON THE WAY HERE)

OK, I'd better get ready to leave for this thing. I hate meeting people places. Am I supposed to wait outside? What if I go inside to wait and then *he* waits outside for me? Or what if I'm waiting outside for him and he's already inside? I hate the idea of popping in and out of the Brown Bag until I find him. BLAH.

Wish me luck.

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