Saturday, July 31, 2010

Timing Is Everything

So, I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks now (yes, the guy I mentioned in the last post). We text and/or talk every day, and he's coming for another visit this weekend.

This is the dilemma: how long do I wait before I reveal that I have mental health issues?

I mean, I have quite a long list of crap going on with me:

*borderline personality disorder
*anxiety disorder
*panic disorder
*sleep issues that I take meds for (periodic limb movement) (ok, that one is not technically mental health, but still, I mention sleep issues and people think it's in my head, even when I explain that it was observed in a sleep lab)

Considering how many people don't even understand that these are "real" illnesses, it can really freak a guy out. I don't want him looking at me like I'm unstable and ready to go psychotic any second. Neither do I think it's fair (for either of us) to date him for too long a while and then surprise him with all this stuff.

So when is the magic moment? When would YOU want to know that about someone you were dating? mk

p.s. One of the things that really concerns him is how tense I am...he is constantly trying to convince me to relax. And it bothered him that I didn't sleep the last time he was here. These may be factors leaning towards telling him sooner.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not Like I Wait For The Last Minute Or Anything....

Hello, my name is markira, and I am a Class A Procrastinator.

I have a guest coming tonight, staying over & spending the day tomorrow. I have known about this for two weeks. Here is today's to-do list, all to get done before 5 (and, by the way, does not count getting myself ready & pretty for him).

*clean out fridge
*empty garbage
*FINISH laundry (about 3 more loads)
*clear dining room table
*clear bar
*clear hutch
*clear dining room floor
*put away skateboards & scooters from deck
*roll up & put away garden hose (currently snaked across pretty much the whole driveway)
*clear desk (a HUGE job in itself)
*clear floor in front of desk
*clear bottom of stairs
*water plants
*dust downstairs
*vacuum downstairs & stairs
*swiffer downstairs
*clean toilet
*clean sink & mirror
*change out towels
*clean bathroom floor
*change sheets in bedroom (he's sleeping in my room, I'm sleeping in Kira's)
*make bed
*put away clothes
*dust upstairs
*vacuum upstairs
*grocery shop
*borrow cooker from camp (for lobsters...yes, I am cooking lobster...for him)

I am an idiot. I will be a wreck before he gets here.

And yet, here I am online. Did I mention I am a Class A Procrastinator & an idiot???? :) mk

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Windjamming with Kira

Brenda called me the other day and asked if I would like to go on one of the overnight sails (silly woman, to even think I might *not* want to go). It was on Sunday afternoon to Monday morning. Mark is currently away in New York camping for two weeks with a buddy (same thing he did last year), so I made arrangements with X to shorten his weekend visit & took Kira.

Brenda had a really bad head cold, so it wasn't a very fun trip for her. I hope she feels better before she goes out tomorrow.It was raining lightly for most of the afternoon on Sunday, but it cleared up in time for a perfectly gorgeous sunset over Owls Head harbor, where we anchored for the night.

In the morning, we were treated to some really unusual mist patterns over the ocean. I'm glad I had my camera, I've never seen morning mist like that.

There was very little wind the entire trip, but it was still, as always, incredible to be out on the ocean. So grateful to Brenda for inviting us!!! mk