Tuesday, September 05, 2006

While I think of it...

Still avoiding doing anything "real" until the kids come home, so I was re-reading some old blog entries of Beast Mom's and was reading where BM had put her shirt on backwards and had to wait outside the full waiting rooms for a loooooong time with her shirt on backwards because she was too chicken ;) to go in a corner and pull her arms in and turn the shirt around.

For some reason this time reading it made me think of my mom, and how she went shopping at Sears in Orlando with her friend a few years back. Mom went in a changing room to try something on, got halfway undressed and was looking at some clothes that were hanging there, thinking "Huh. I just saw a rack of these same things outside the changing rooms." Then she realized that it was the SAME RACK....they were doing work on the changing rooms and that particular one was missing a WALL. So in effect, Mom was half-undressed in the middle of the showroom.

That make you feel better, BM?? It should!!!!!

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