Monday, February 11, 2013


They named the blizzard Nemo. Really? NEMO? (The online jokes: "Just keep snowing, just keep snowing...")

Over the course of just over a day, the blizzard dumped a LOT of snow on New England. It's hard to know exactly how much we got, because the wind was blowing it all over everywhere. It's probably best shown in pictures.

Mark, Kira and Max (who is pretty much my 'adopted' son at this point) were here for it, thankfully, or else I would still be stranded. Between recovering from surgery still (I'm pretty sure shoveling this out would not be the 'light' exercise that my doctor has cleared me for) and the torn rotator cuff that is -still- not completely healed, I cannot shovel. I'm VERY fortunate the kids were all here, and they just did an amazing job of getting us all cleared out.

They also had more than a little fun. In first going out, they decided the best way to get outside would be to open the sliding glass doors and literally dive out onto the deck. They threw shovelfuls of snow at  each other, built snow caves (one of which caved in on Max while he was fully inside; oops), and just had a blast. They came in looking like snowpeople, covered head to toe, faces bright red, and consuming copious quantities of hot cocoa.

Do you think I have pictures? Of course. mk

Almost 3' of snow against the doors.

There -are- cars out there.

Max wisely took the face mask.

The crew.

Mark got best style points.

On a mission to get more shovels.