Saturday, September 23, 2006

Template Idiot

Well, just after I was all proud of myself yesterday for correctly inserting a new sidebar (my blogroll--look, look at how beautifully it blends right in :P ), I have to absolutely kick myself for the brainblock I was having on my sitemeter. I was all bent out of shape because I couldn't see it. Checked, double-checked, triple-quadruple checked, went to all kinds of help sites to see why it wasn't showing up, checked the code in the template (it was fine), reinserted additional code, etc. etc. Finally, I started experimenting with different styles at sitemeter, and figured out what my major malfunction was.

I had the sitemeter installed at the bottom of the page, which is right where I want it. And the reason I couldn't see it was because idiot me had black letters on a transparent background. Which, if you look, the background of the BORDER is....yes....brown and BLACK. And I had been looking for it at the bottom of the parchment page part. Duh. As soon as I changed the font color to white, ta-DAH!!! There it is.

Holy COW that's a lot of wasted time. Well, I AM a total beginner. sigh. mk

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