Monday, March 10, 2014

Blinded by the Bright

Sometimes I think that Kira chooses her clothing just to see if she can blind me while I'm doing laundry.

Tossed in a load of white-and-lights yesterday. Naturally forgot what was in there, because my brain is nothing but a big stress-fog these days. Just a bit ago, I went to switch over stuff from washer to dryer etc, and I'm pulling out item by item. Beige tank top; grey top; salmon, pink & grey plaid shirt; light green top, beige bra, another beige bra, white towel, white sweatshirt, and then THIS came at me:

Let me assure you, there is no way to really see how BRIGHT this shirt is. It is NEON pink, with NEON orange hearts. It literally hurt my eyes to look at. I am still seeing after-images. I think my camera must come with some kind of protective filter, because in the photo it's not all that bad.

This, mind you, is Kira's idea of "toning down" her colorful wardrobe. Uh huh. Toned down. Right. ~mk

Friday, February 14, 2014

There's one every. damn. year.

Hi! Wow, it's been a WHILE! Not gonna try to get you caught up today, because I'm already in enough of a funk and it would take entirely too long.

Well, once again it is my absolutely LEAST favorite holiday. I hate this day with a passion. Huh. At least there's passion in SOME fashion for me today. :P

Today I will be drinking tequila and watching Netflix. Well, until the tequila runs out (which is probably about one good drink away at this point, and yes, it's 1:30 in the afternoon. Shut up.) at which point I will pretty much just be scrounging whatever alcohol I can find. I am running out or have run out of just about everything. In serious need of a major alcohol restock. Not in the budget at the moment. Of course. *sigh*

Netflix will consist of Dexter. Because he's a psychopath. And a serial killer. That show is just fascinating to me. I have to limit myself when I watch it because when I first discovered it I went on a major Dexter-binge and didn't sleep for an entire weekend while I watched all the episodes Netflix had. (I think at that point there were two seasons? Three?) But today, today there is no limiting. I will watch Dexter kill people in his little plastic-covered rooms until I fall into a stupor.

I will need carbs to work with the tequila, or I will get sick, and since now my body is physically unable to vomit (more on that another day), I cannot allow myself to get to that level. Last time I needed to throw up I was retching uncontrollably (to absolutely no avail) for what felt like HOURS and I burst blood vessels all around my eyes, on my forehead, and even on my NECK. -That- had never happened before, the neck thing. So give thanks if you can vomit, people, because let me tell you, you never fully appreciate THAT ability until you lose it.

Anyway. Vomiting reminds me that this post was originally a short little thing about Valentine's Day.

So. For all the "single pringles" out there (Kira's phrase), hang in there, Discount Chocolate Day is tomorrow!! For all the happy mushy couples out there, yeah, suck it. I'll like you better tomorrow. mk