Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Really Need To Learn How To Use My Powers For Good, Not Evil

Yesterday, I posted that Mark has his first girlfriend. Today, she dumped him.

What the hell, people. I speak of it, and it all goes to pot? Somebody take away my keyboard. mk

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Didn't Hear This From Me....

{looks around to be sure we're alone before whispering:}

Mark has a girlfriend.

Shhhhh. Don't tell him I told you. mk

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kids looooooooove messy crafts

Kira needs to make a model of a cheetah for her Academic Fair project. She decided that she wanted to do papier-mâché. I haven't done papier-mâché since I was a kid (and someone else was in charge of making the goop). So today was the day.

Ended up using undiluted liquid starch for the goop (hope it works...research *said* it would, and it seemed to be pretty good while we were using it....we'll see), and made the base model from crumpled newspaper wrapped in masking tape. There was much goop-ing. Much messiness and stickiness and overall very much fun. We enjoyed it. It looks pretty darn good so far, too, considering it was mostly done by an 8-year-old. (for instance, the cheetah does not really have feet--Kira says we can put it in the grass. I don't think there will be grass to put it in.)

No idea how many days it is gonna take for this thing to dry so she can paint it. Originally I was all panicky thinking that if we made it today, it might not be dry by Thursday (our next available craft-day) and thus not done by Friday. THEN I discovered that I had my dates mixed up and she doesn't actually have to bring it in until NEXT Friday. Whew! So we're actually ahead of the game for once!

This was a fun project. I really enjoyed doing it with her. It was pretty relaxing getting my hands all covered with the fairly slimy starch and newspaper combination, and smoothing it out over the body. She chattered away the entire time, very pleased to be doing something a) messy and b) crafty and c) with her mom. Pretty much her definition of bliss. And you know what? Mine, too.

I shall be sure to post a picture of the finished product to show it off. mk

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Emily Post would be horrified

WARNING: RANT ALERT. Proceed at your own risk.

I have been an etiquette freak my entire life. Not to say that I am always perfect, but I do try not to hit the big faux pas in life. My introduction to the tricky maneuvering in the wild world of manners was as a child, at my grandmother's house. She had a very old book of etiquette. I just *loved* reading it. I pored over it for hours at a time, memorizing wording of invitations, and place settings, and where a gentleman should be located when escorting a lady down the street (on the street side, so that if there was splashing from a passing vehicle, he would act as a blockade).

While I am very aware that times have changed, and that many of the rules dealing with proper behavior have relaxed or even changed altogether, there are many things that continue to top my list of pet peeves. I've ranted before about RSVP's, and how people today do not seem to understand what they mean, their purpose, or that really, the rules of responding to an invitation do apply to them, too.

Now enter wedding invitations.

In wedding invitations, it has become custom for a reply card to be provided along with the invitation (postage-paid, even!), so that there really is no excuse not to tell a couple whether to expect your presence at their happy event. [Originally one would have one's own personal stationery, and would immediately handwrite a response accepting or declining an invitation of any sort.]

Anyway. Reply cards. Standard reply cards give a line for the invitee to write their name, a place to check 'accept' or 'decline' and sometimes a line to indicate how many people are coming. This line is in case Mr & Mrs are invited, but only Mr is coming, or if the couple and four kids are invited, but only three total people will attend. Important for the bridal couple to know whom to expect, so that sufficient food, etc. will be available.

Now, knowing who is invited is really easy to tell: the people who are listed on the envelope. ONLY the people who are listed on the envelope. Kids aren't listed? It was not an oversight: they were not invited. One half of a couple on the envelope? The other half is not invited. And unless you see "and guest" written somewhere, the invitation is only for you. No date.

Naturally, I am leading somewhere. Brenda and Brian have been receiving their responses to the wedding invitations. The guest list was very carefully chosen and pared down and gone over and pared down some more. Some people were necessarily cut, even after concern was expressed that they may be upset at not being invited. Even so, there have possibly been more people invited than can be accommodated. (Tent size is still up in the air...pray no rain. The ceremony itself is being held on a schooner, with guest spillover on the dock.) Space is limited and they are planning on a lobster feed at the reception. Both excellent reasons for keeping a tight rein on the number of people attending.

They have thus far received three response cards that have included add-ons. Two were people adding their (older) children; children who were not mentioned on the invitation. (see above: it was not an oversight) One person who received an "and guest" invite (also referred to as a "plus-one") decided that she had an open invitation to bring a crowd: she's bringing three extra people.

People, this is just flat-out rude. R-U-D-E.

It puts Brenda and Brian in a horrible position. They now have to decide whether to let it slide or tell these people that they can't bring their extras. Saying nothing means extra expense for them in terms of food and drink, not to mention that these uninvited guests are taking spaces that could have been used by people who had real meaning to the bridal couple. Other guests who did not have their children or significant other invited may take offense.

Saying something risks an unpleasant response from the invitees. It's uncomfortable for the bridal couple. It is particularly difficult for people who are caring and generous and generally accommodating. They're just very, very nice and would love to be able to have everyone. But they can't. They don't even have the time to be properly horrified and appalled at the rudeness of these people. (Did I mention they're also getting TWO boats ready for season launch a week after the wedding? Including a new boat that needed to be completely overhauled?)

So, knowing that I would be appalled and horrified on their behalf, they told me. They were right. I am very irritated with these guests. (Not irritated enough to overcome my fear of people and offer to make these calls for them, though. Sorry. I'm chicken. I'll rant for you, though!)

PEOPLE. What are you THINKING? What could possibly be passing through your head to assume that you can change the guest list? Without even asking? Seriously, sometimes I just want to take my big, huge, enormously heavy copy of Emily Post's Etiquette and whack offenders over the head. (Big book. 846 pages. 3.5 pounds. Pretty good, but not as good as the original.) I mean, W. T. F?!?!?!?!

OK. Deep breath. Thank you for listening. And now back to your regularly scheduled reading. mk

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wacky Hat/Hair Day

And wrapping up Spirit Week, we have the always-popular Wacky Hat or Hair Day. This and Pajama Day are always a part of Spirit Week; the other three days vary each year, depending on the vote of Student Council.

This has definitely been Mark's week to shine. I've been very impressed with his not-only-willingness, but eagerness to participate in each day, usually in a very over-the-top manner. I think I've definitely allowed him to tap into his dramatic core, and I just hope that he won't bury it back again. He's had so much fun this week, I hope he remembers that, and that he allows himself to be a little wild and weird, and doesn't stifle himself based on teenage angst and desire to fit in. He's a pretty cool kid.

That said, Kira's got it all over him today on the weird. She is wearing a markira original design, a 10.5" tall top hat constructed entirely of duct tape, with fifteen different objects either duct taped or super-glued on.

For your viewing pleasure....I present....Wacky Hat and Hair. mk

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fictional/Historical Character Day

Kids were with X yesterday, so I didn't get to see their stuff on until after school. They actually did *nothing* for Kira...she had no costume at all, not even a feeble attempt at one.

I had made Mark's ahead of time and sent it to X on Saturday so it would be all ready to go. So pictures had to wait until after baseball practice today. And here we are:

Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent....

He hears a cry for help....

And strips away his secret identity.....

To become.....


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Past or Future Day

Mark is *really* into this costume today. He's all in character. Ya gotta give the boy props for wearing this to school---middle school--and being this crazy in general. Oh, and his hair added over three inches to his regular height.

Kira had thrown a mini-tantrum just before these pictures, arguing about not wanting to wear the hula skirt on the bus. Then I get her outside and said I was taking pictures, and she gives me this. sigh.

And this is what I have running through my head in a continuous sound loop.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Hate Waiting

To be filed under: Things that really shouldn't bother me but somehow do....

My period is late. Now, I'm not sexually active (I know! Shocking! You didn't know that at all!), I've had my tubes tied, there is absolutely no possible way short of immaculate conception that I could be pregnant, and I just had emergency abdominal surgery about a month ago that left me with only one functioning ovary. It is also not unknown for my period to be a little late now and then in the last couple of years, as I am pretty sure I am approaching perimenopause.

However. This irritates me. My period used to be like clockwork. I mean, I knew that at 10:00 on Tuesday I would start my period. This was a good thing, because I like knowing when things are going to happen. I don't like unpleasant surprises. I don't like waiting (I am not a patient person). When my period is late, I spend an inordinate amount of time wondering when it is going to show up, and interpreting every little twinge in the abdominal area as potential menstrual cramps. [Particularly amusing since there have been a LOT of twinges in the abdominal area since surgery.]

I know that especially the abdominal surgery could be affecting my period, as my body adjusts to the physical trauma that it experienced. Mental stress alone is enough to affect things like that, much less hello! surgery.

But I still wish it would get here. As my mom says, hurry up and get here so it can leave. mk

p.s. I am also curious to see if there is any change in my period now that the big-ass cyst isn't there anymore. Since we've no idea how long it had been there, it is possible that it has been affecting me for years. A very interesting idea. (man, it would be AWESOME if my period got lighter and shorter and less horrible. fingers crossed! toes crossed! oh hell, I look like a pretzel I'm crossing so many things)

Edited to add: well, it arrived. Blog about it and it will come, I guess! (next up: how I win ten million dollars) So far it doesn't seem any different. Dang it. Major carb cravings. Also desire to curl up under covers and die today. Fortunately, I have nothing which requires my immediate attention today *and* I have several unread books, so I believe that is the plan. Me, bed, books, heating pad, and much Aleve.

Dressed To Impress

Today was Dress to Impress day at school...wear your best clothes. Kira didn't wear her silver ball gown, but still looks quite elegant. Mark's got quite the transformation going on here. He was waiting for the bus and yelled out at me that a "hot chickie" who drove by was checking him out. Oh my.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun Monday AND Pajama Day

So, Nekked Lizard is hosting this week's Fun Monday. The assignment:

Any 5 (FIVE) pictures, any subject, and any 5 (FIVE) words to describe and/or explain each picture.

As it just so happens that I took exactly five pictures this morning for the kickoff to Spirit Week, I present you with these:

Great kickoff to Spirit Week!

Ta-DA! Look! Hannah Montana!

In silent protest of pictures.

Fine, Mom, I'll fake yawn.

The Elmos aren't hiding today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Hate the Yoplait Yogurt Girls

You know the one. The brunette who ALWAYS has to one-up her friend at how fucking good the yogurt is. And then they toast yogurts.

I hate that bitch. For once, let your friend win. Can you possibly? Bitch. mk

p.s. Really. Just shut the hell up.

Why Drunk Blogging Is So Damn Fun

1) Because you can't really feel your fingers while you type. Yeah, more typos, but hey cool.

2) The tingly feeling in your lips (and many other spots that make me really wish I had a boyfriend).

3) Because for once I really don't give a damn about how fast I go or if I'm making much sense.

4) Typos? What freakin' typos? Do I care? Not really.

5) Because I typed 4 then 56, then 6, then 54 before I got this right.

6) I am not back typing a asingle damn tiym3e on theis one beforfer I hit okay. And itttts is totallly okay.

7) Did I mention I am horny? Yeah, that.

8) I love you all. And I know you love me. It's the only time I know for a fact that millions (okay, tens) of people love me.

9) Am I still typing all the numbers in order? Damn, I'm good.

10) Vodka is my very good friend.

11) There's more? And you're still here? You are really bored, aren't you?

12) You know that we are all totally sexy people, right? We are HOT, dammit. Even me.

13) I almost don't even mind that it's been five years and almost two months since I've had sex. (5 years and 59 days, according to) I think this makes me a virgin again. This is a good thing as I am hoping for chastity before marriage for my children, right? Don't tell me that it's unlikely, I already know this. Leave me with my little fantasies, okay? Okay.

14) Ordinarily I am pathetically slow to make sure that things are just right before I do the next thing. Now? Yeah, right. Keep up with me if you can.

15) Fuck. There, I said it.

16) I love you, Jenny. You too, Ro and Christina. And Paul, you're cool, too. And BG and Lil Mouse and Stephanie and Min and Kate and people I can't remember now because did I mention I'm drunk blogging? I need more people who comment on a regular basis. I am pathetic. Loserville.

17) How did I not discover vodka for so long?

18) America's Next Top Model alternates between making me feel horrible and awesome. I'm not sure why.

19) I make no sense to anyone but myself and that is totally okay.

20) Am I still going? Apparently so.

21) Dancing is a good thing. And I need to do more of it. I am shimmying as I type. It does not help my balance much.

22) Oh holy cow somebody take my keyboard away from me.

23) I love you.

24) I'm going now. Sadly, not to bed. To find more vodka. I am pathetic but I love you all. Did I mention that already? Yeah. And I want to visit Houston and Seattle. Now.

Bye. mk

p.s. 25) my joints are OILED. OILED, I tell you. I move like an amazing dancer. And this was supposed to be one of the first reasons, but? I totally forgot when I started typing. You know how that goes, how you totally forget what you started to say....where was I? Oh yeah. Oiled.

* And things like whipping your cursor around is really fun.

* Did you notice I gave up on numbers?

* Shaking your head around so your head whips all over the place is fun, too.

* Um.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Maine Winter/Summer Contrast

Recently a Rockland couple's wonderful 1/3-acre garden was featured in a national magazine. The pictures showed:

Naturally, living in Rockland, my parents were interested in seeing the garden for themselves. The house was only three streets over, so off they went to take a peek.

Well, a harsh Maine winter definitely had its effects. Here's the amazing garden in the off-season:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mythbusters--Airplane Edition

So I'm watching Mythbusters (which is SUCH a great show), and they are doing airplane-related myths. The young people are doing the three skydiving myths from Point Break: the length of time for the 4000-feet fall, carrying on a conversation during freefall, and one person jumping later but catching up to someone who jumped first.

So, naturally, they are doing some skydiving. Man, the idea of skydiving just makes me pretty much convulse from panic. I can think of very few things that seem more stupid than throwing yourself out of an airplane and trusting a few yards of fabric and some string to prevent you from dying.

Have any of you ever done any skydiving? And if so, what the hell? Are you freaking insane?

I hate heights. I'm not even really good on ladders. I know this is contradicted by my love of flying (in gliders, thanks), but you know, I'm all enclosed and everything. I suppose it's not really a fear of heights so much as a terror of falling. There will never ever be bungee-jumping in my future. Ever. Ever ever. Can I possibly stress that enough?

So, back to watch the last few minutes of Mythbusters. Adam and Jamie just confirmed the myth that air-traffic-control really can talk a normal person into landing an airplane. Interestingly enough, their research showed that this has never actually happened with a commercial aircraft, despite the prevalence of the myth. Also, they showed that the far easier method would be to put the aircraft on autopilot. Gotta love autopilot. I shall remember that in future, should I ever be in the position of being the first layperson who has to land a commercial aircraft in the event that both the pilot and copilot are incapacitated.

OK, check in later. mk

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Big Word of the Day

Fasciculation--n. Involuntary contractions or twitching of a group of muscle fibers.

Used in a sentence: Whenever I go for a long walk, afterwards I experience fasciculation in my thighs.

OR: The fasciculation in my legs after a long walk feels almost tickly.

It's pretty funky. I like it. It's one of my favorite parts of exercise, actually. mk

Spring is Here! (Knock Wood)

Man, I love spring. Today the weather is in the low 50's, which is AWESOME. Mark biked to the local country market after school and picked up a soda for himself, and one for his sister. Kira and I took a 45-minute walk up the road (well, I walked. She rode her bike.). She decided that next time she's bringing a shopping bag to put on her handlebars so we can pick up the litter from the side of the road.

Mark left awhile ago to bike up the road to Eddie's house and hang out until 6. I love that we live on the same road, so that the boys can do that. Things are so (relatively) far apart here that until recently any time he wanted to hang out with someone, a parent had to drive him. Now he's old enough to bike to friends' houses (within reason). I remember growing up in a small town, and biking or walking to all my friends' houses all the time. We went wherever, our parents never knew exactly where we were, but we'd be home for dinner. Things were safer then. Or, we had the illusion that they were.

I'm not quite ready to let Mark bike the six miles to the park to play basketball with his friends, but I'm almost ready to let him go the two miles to the school (most of which is along a very busy road), as well as the three miles to camp. Soon, maybe. I need to talk to some of the other moms and see what they let their kids do. Maybe I'm hopelessly overprotective. It's hard to tell sometimes. I probably am.

Regardless, I am excited about the improvement in the weather. Winter is gorgeous, but especially for one who has SAD, spring is a very welcome relief. This has been a looooong winter (NINE snow days from school!). The end is in sight!

Until mud season and blackflies. sigh. mk

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun Monday--Celebrity Crush Edition

Jo Beaufoix, who is hosting this week's Fun Monday, wants to know about my first celebrity crush.

I started young. I had my first really big celebrity crush at around seven or eight.

But first I must provide background.

My parents have never been on the cutting edge of the musical world. In fact, to this day my dad sticks with the stuff he knows: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, The Platters, Elvis, Chubby Checker, you get the idea....and for some reason, Robert Palmer. He just likes the videos, I think. Dad could not name three current musicians if his very life depended on it. (You can't count bands like The Rolling Stones...they're just immortal.) Everything other than what he listens to is referred to as "hippie music." As in, "You've got your hippie music too loud, turn it down." Which I heard at least 47 billion times while living under their roof. If you could hear music in the next room, it was too loud.

So anyway. Old-time music. (I was born in 1971.) But that's what I listened to. We had tons of records, and we played 45s on our little bright-orange portable record player all day. We made up little dance routines to some of our favorites. I don't think I heard "current" music until I was in junior high.

So one day I decided to write a love letter to my faaaaaaaavorite musician. I worked hard over it, used my best penmanship, got an envelope, and went to ask my mom the address (why I thought my mom would know a celebrity's address off the top of her head, who knows. I was still in the "my parents know EVERYTHING" phase). She looked at the name I had printed on the envelope, and ripped my little world to shreds.

"You can't write to Elvis, he's dead."

So that was my first celebrity crush. And now you are saved from hearing about my OTHER crushes on: Shaun Cassidy, Davy Jones (from the Monkees...their 25th anniversary reunion tour was the first concert I attended. Never mind the man's the same age as my mother. I didn't attend another concert until I went to see Marilyn Manson in 2002.), Michael Jackson (before any of the surgery), or Duran Duran (which spanned many the height of it I had 206 posters of them up in my room at the same time. I totally wanted John Taylor.).

Who was YOUR first celebrity crush? mk

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jamaica, Mon

In Social Studies Mark's class is doing a study on Latin American countries (really, Central and South Americas). Mark's country is Jamaica. He has to develop a travel brochure, and also bring in some food from his country.

So, tonight I made Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and Rice and Peas. I'd never made either before, and it was a little intimidating, but it turned out fantastic. Mark and I did a little taste test of each, and they passed with flying colors. Tomorrow he brings them in to his class....I'll be interested to hear their reactions. The jerk chicken has a spicy little kick, and the rice and peas (which are actually kidney beans...Jamaicans apparently refer to all beans as peas) is made with coconut milk. Not your average middle-school fare.

Mark is so excited about the recipes that he has proposed that we do a lot more international cooking. He wants us to try recipes from a different country at least once a month. The first country he wants to do is Russia. hmmmmm.....borscht, maybe? mk

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Son, The Prince

Hear ye, hear ye! I haveth a proclamation whicheth is of supreme importance!

The play went great.

The middle school (and the first grade, which played Fireflies) did an awesome job in their performances of The Princess and the Pea yesterday. Well, *most* of them did. There were some kids who were obviously phoning it in, but really, they just made asses of themselves by their obvious reluctance and indifference, so I don't care about that.

What I *do* care about is that Mark did awesome! He didn't miss a single one of his lines (and he had 72 of them, far more than any other individual kid). He worked so hard all week, in between also getting all of his stuff done at school for the end of quarter. For awhile there I was worried there would be some kind of meltdown or something, and I've had to push him pretty hard to make sure he remembered everything, including going to the school on Thursday to make sure he had all of the papers and things he needed. He was totally embarrassed and handled it in typical pre-teen/teen style, by being surly and uncooperative, bordering but never quite crossing the line of outright disrespect.

BUT. The play. He did great. He delivered his lines with expression and style, and projected his voice quite well. His comedic lines received great audience response, which I think fueled his enthusiasm wonderfully. Overall, he was just plain wonderful. Mama was SO proud.

I videotaped the second performance (aside: I have a tripod which I have owned for probably ten years or so. Just last night I discovered that the legs extend to bring it to three times its carrying height. Duh. Very stupid I am.). I haven't viewed the tape yet, but judging from last year's taping and several years of photographs in the gym, it will suck. But still, I have it. I need to make copies for a few other parents.

X actually showed up for the 1:00 performance. Originally he had said he wouldn't be able to make it. He had his camcorder, too, but apparently halfway through he ran out of tape. He rewound and started over at the beginning (losing some previously recorded kid material), so I might offer him a copy of mine, if it's at all decent. I was very pleased he made arrangements to leave work for this; I'm sure it meant a lot to Mark.

My parents went to the evening show. They laughed in all the right places and really seemed to honestly enjoy it--of course, they loved everything their grandson did.

So. I leave you with some of the pictures from after the performance (no flash photography was permitted during).

The entire cast. Well, close. Some people got cut out on the sides.

And no, Mark did not perform with zombies. That's airbrushing. Poor airbrushing, but I've got a very outdated program. The only two I didn't airbrush were Mark and Eddie. Eddie's got a YouTube account, so I think his parents would be okay with me having his picture on here.

Mark is not standing on a box or anything, he really is that tall.

Mark and the Princesses. Those are some seriously ugly dresses. They made the girls look huge. They had to wear soft-soled shoes, which is why the girls are in sneakers. Except one, in ballet flats. I love the ladylike way the one on the far left is standing. Of course, her character almost had a brawl with the prince onstage, so maybe she's just still in character.

Don't you just love Mark's smudgy mustache?

The Prince, his Page (the guy who co-owns Children's Stage Adventures), and Eddie, the King.

Eddie was hilarious. He definitely should stick with theater.

At one point the King is supposed to sling his arm confidingly around his son's shoulder. That made for some comedy right there.

I'm not sure what Mark is supposed to be doing here, but Eddie is reenacting a dancing scene that he has that was just awesome. Such a ham.

And finally, Mark alone and looking weird. Maybe it's just the mustache. And the funky shadow that makes his hair look afro-ish. Really his hair just barely showed above the crown.


I am so behind in my blog reading. Dang, miss just a couple of days for surgery, and all my blog people go all crazy on me. Then I either haven't had the energy or the time to spend catching all up. I've managed to mostly keep up with a few, but then the list gets longer and longer and longer. I've been reading blogs for about two hours right now and I'm *down to* 266 entries in my blog feeder.

So be patient, anyone who might have missed me. I will (hopefully) eventually get caught up. mk

p.s. I've been so tempted to just empty my feeder and start over from today, but I'm really afraid that I'll miss something cool or important. gah.

p.p.s. And don't I sound all cool tossing around terms like "blog feeder" all casually? And sounding important because I've got so much backlog to catch up with, I must be awesome or something? heh heh. SO not true.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dang I Have Fun At Goodwill

So I went to Goodwill yesterday to see if I could find anything for any of the kids' Spirit Week stuff. I had hoped to find a tux for Mark. I was unable to find one; however, I did come across some other goodies.

I found a basketball tie that I had been eying for quite some time. Got it for $0.99. Thought that was pretty cool.

But my big find of the day was the suits. I found two suits that I thought might possibly fit Mark. I bought them both and brought them home, and he tried them on this afternoon. He looks fantastic in them. Oh my gosh. Very grown-up. One of the suits we didn't like *as* much, so I'll probably take that one back, because the odds of him needing to wear two different suits between now and the time he outgrows them is pretty slim. So I'm taking back the "more expensive" one, which cost all of $15. The one he kept is a gorgeous charcoal color with very subtle beaded stripes. I looked up the brand (Hart Schaffner Marx), and it turns out to be about a $700-800 suit....that I got for $5. I spent more than that on the dress shoes I also got ($6 for Brass Boot tasseled loafers, very similar to these).

I'll have pictures of Mark in his expensive suit in two weeks, with the Michael Kors tie I found for him at TJMaxx for, I think, $3 (normally sold for $95). I don't know if he'll impress anyone else, but he'll impress the hell out of *me*.

Anyway. I got such a tickle out of this, I had to share. Now if I can just convince him to get a haircut....nothing major, just putting a little polish on the hack job I gave him months ago that is growing

Public Service Announcement

The public in general will be pleased (and relieved) to know that I am not going to have to attend Brenda's wedding naked.

I found a dress. Jones New York Dress. It's a deep cobalt blue, with a sleeveless crossover bodice that goes into almost a racer-back. There's some ruching that makes it very flattering and covers a multitude of sins. The front crosses over in a very very deep V that will require specially designed support garments (there is some serious cleavage there, and the girls aren't as firm as they once were; they need to be contained or it's jello city). The dress, of course, much better than it sounds when I try to describe it. Even on me. Below-knee length, and it's a stretchy material (apparently "poly/spandex" if that means anything) that is super super comfortable. AND (and I know that past bridesmaids everywhere will be seething with jealousy) I really CAN (and *will*) wear it again.

I had originally thought that we would end up going with either a pale green or pale blue (beach glass colors), but cobalt was also one of the colors Brenda is using, and this dress is almost perfectly the shade she chose. I had been really against the idea of wearing this "bright" a color, but it's really quite nice, I think. I *hope* that Brenda loves it. I brought it over and showed it to her, and she says that she likes it, but I'm hoping that she's not just being accommodating or anything. This *is* her wedding, and even if it means wearing something hideous, I am totally up for it if it means that Brenda gets her special day just the way she wants it. (You hear me on that, Bren? Any qualms, and I'll continue the search!)

So. Now I just need to figure out shoes (4:00 wedding at a shipyard...I'm thinking silver shoes might be too glam unless they were brushed silver, black might be too dark....hmm, beige?....maybe these?) I have to be careful to have a very solid heel, since we're not going to be on flooring, and I do NOT want to twist my ankle again. Good Lord, I just had a horrible vision of going down the ramp to the dock and catching a heel. Ack. I'm also going to have some back-up shoes for the inevitable time that my feet start killing me (damn bunions).

Oh, also undergarments. I think Brenda and I might need to have a session where we get these items taken care of, because she needs shoes & unders, also.

BUT. At least I'm not naked. I think we can all be grateful for that. mk

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Because I Am Insane

Spirit Week is coming. April 14-18. People who have been here awhile will know that I really get into Spirit Week on my kids' behalf, going to rather nutty lengths for these little school events.

This year, the days are as follows:

Monday...Pajama Day. Wear your favorite pajamas to school!
Tuesday...Dress to Impress Day. Come to school in your most formal attire!
Wednesday...Past or Future Day. Dress in styles from any time in past or future!
Thursday...Fictional/Historical Figure Day. Honor your favorite book character or an important historical figure!
Friday...Hat/Wacky Hair Day. WOW! You can wear hats in school...especially creative ones! Or give yourself a crazy hairstyle!

So, I worked with Mark and Kira today to determine what they're doing each day. Here's what we've come up with:

Monday: Mark's wearing his plaid pjs, Elmo slippers, and will carry some unknown prop. Kira is wearing her Hannah Montana nightgown, pink fuzzy slippers, and will have velcro rollers in her hair. Probably will also carry undetermined prop. (I tried and tried to get Mark to agree to the velcro rollers, too, but he has so far resisted.)

Tuesday: Kira will wear the silver ball gown I made for her Tooth Fairy costume. Amazingly, it still fits. I am going to attempt to find a tux at Goodwill for Mark. Hey, it could happen.

Wednesday: Mark will be a caveman. Kira will be a Hawaiian hula dancer (hey Jenny, just like her mom, huh?)

Thursday: I technically don't have to do this one, since the kids will be with their dad, but Mark really wants to be Clark Kent. So I'm going to find a Superman T-shirt, and over that he will wear a button-down shirt that I'll adjust so it velcro-s closed so he can rip it open quickly to reveal the shirt. He's quite excited about this. Kira originally wanted to be Squanto, but is now unsure. (actually, for past/future day she originally wanted to be a Pilgrim, too...I'm happier with the hula dancer, it's easier and doesn't involve sewing)

Friday: Mark is wearing his sister's Hannah Montana wig under his Celtics hat. Actually, when he tried it on today he looked like an 80's headbanger. For Kira, we are going to find a big hat (possibly a top hat), and hot-glue billions of little weird things to it (some of them will be springing from the hat from pipe cleaners), and each of those weird things will be wearing its own little top hat. Should be interesting.

I have less than two weeks to pull all this stuff together. Oh, and did I mention that I still have to finish my tax return, my parents' tax return, make some Jamaican jerk chicken and rice and peas (none of which I have ever made before) for Mark's class on Monday, finish copying over the school volunteer group meeting notes, and help work on a wedding? Oh, and start planning a bridal shower? And keep up with housework and all the regular-life stuff? Um, think I take on too much for myself? duh.

The thing is, I love doing all of these kinds of things, and wouldn't give up any one of them (well, maybe taxes). They just always have these tendencies of coming all at once. sigh. Well, it'll all work out. mk

p.s. Ro, not a PEEP about any of the kids' plans! You are sworn to secrecy! Well, as much secrecy as there can be with a blog that's, you know, posted on the Internet for the entire world to stumble across. ;)