Monday, September 29, 2008

Mud man

We had a lot of rain this weekend, and the soccer field was still wet, particularly around the goals. After practice, a couple of the girls and Mark decided it would be fun to go belly-sliding through the mud. They were each COVERED in muck down their entire fronts. Mark was wearing a white shirt.

I told him I wasn't putting that into my car, and he could run home.

Good thing we only live a couple of miles away, huh? mk

What a GREAT start to the day!

Mark got up late, which meant he got in the shower late, and then took his normal extra-long shower even though I had Kira pound on the door and yell in that *I* needed a shower too this morning, because I had a doctor's appointment at 8:30.

So it was 7:45 before I got *in* the shower, and then the outfit I had planned didn't work out, so I had to rip through the closet (I HATE MY CLOTHES) until I finally just grabbed something and bolted out the door.

I was a couple of minutes late to the doctor's, which for many people is normal or no big deal, but it upsets me. So I was already rattled.

Then I get in for what I *THOUGHT* was just a med-check and it turns out that HI, it's a total physical!!! Thank all that is holy that I got that shower, eh? Thank you, what a wonderful surprise, a Pap smear! Oh, you shouldn't have!

Anyway, in the course of all the other stuff, we decided that in addition to the increase in Celexa that I started two weeks ago, I should also give Wellbutrin a try. Hopefully it will give me the little energy boost I so desperately need. And hey, it's supposed to help with weight loss, so that's definitely a side effect I can get behind!!!!!! ('cause lord knows I've got PLENTY of behind to go around)

One of the side-effects of Wellbutrin SR that usually goes away after a few days is an increase in anxiety. I'm not sure I'll notice the difference between that and the panic I have over my increasingly busy schedule, though. :)

I ended up spending over an hour at the doctor's office, so I was *almost* late for my weekly therapy appointment, so I went in rattled, and I've been rattled since. I'm looking forward to taking Kira to the school while Mark is at soccer practice, so I'll have a little over an hour where I have nothing to do except watch the kids play. That'll be a good calm-down time for me.

I hope to write more later (although ironically, you would end up reading that before this, so you'll already know if I did or not). I want to tell y'all about STOMP!!!! mk

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hey, I'm Not Dead!

Really, everything is fine. I've just been having major blog-block. You know, writer's block for blogs. :D And naturally, every time I *do* think of something to write, I'm far, far away from my computer. And by the time I get back near it, I've already forgotten I even meant to write.

More later, really, I promise. mk