Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Aug 29 2006

My kids were out in the driveway skidding their bikes. It's not a hugely long driveway or anything, but they were doing a respectable job of it (I have a dirt driveway. Or rather, what is supposed to be a dirt driveway, but is actually more of a grass driveway.). They were having a blast, and wanted me to watch. Which got me remembering riding my own bike as a kid, and how much fun it was, back in the days when it never occurred to you that you could get *hurt* on one of those things. The most important thing was how fast you could get it moving, the wind in your hair, and the feeling that you were flying.

In this spirit, I suddenly asked Mark if I could use his bike. I hadn't been on a bike in YEARS AND YEARS. He has a 20" dirt bike. It's too small for him. It is *definitely* too small for me. But I ripped around the driveway on it for a few minutes anyway. It was great. I think I'm gonna have to do that more often. :D

Now the kids are upstairs getting showers and pajamas before bed. School starts tomorrow. We went to the school today so Mark could practice his locker combination. (his first locker. sniff sniff) He's got it down. About the time he started timing himself with his stopwatch I said we could leave. :D

He's growing so FAST. I wrote a looooooong post yesterday about him growing up, etc, and then when I went to post it, yahoo hiccupped and the whole thing was lost. But one of the things I had down in there is that in the last month, Mark has grown AN INCH!!!!!! I MEASURED!!!!! He's now 5'2 3/4". And he just turned 11 in June. Sigh. I'm going to have to start sitting him down to lecture him, 'cause it's just not dignified to be shaking a lecturing finger UP at your child. ;)

Kira is soooooo excited about tomorrow. Yesterday she told me she couldn't wait until she went to bed tonight because after midnight it would be the first day of school. :D She's got her outfit all picked out (well, so does Mark, 'cause I made him). Her backpack is packed. Mark is doing his right now.

I'm kinda bummed 'cause tomorrow after school they go with X. So I won't get to see them off the bus. BUT, I get to see them get ON the bus, and I get to do the first day of school pictures and everything, so that'll be okay.

Well, Kira has just read this entire entry. She does such a great job with her reading. I had to teach her about tilting her head sideways to see the smileys. :D She likes that. Now I'm going to scoot her up to bed and tuck her in. (she just read that as I typed it, and she put her little hands on her little hips and yelled "HEY!!" in protest. But off she goes.)

More tomorrow, probably.

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