Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Mark had a soccer game tonight, a home game against C---- Green. We lost. Didn't score even one goal. This is not what is angering me. What is angering me is this:

* The way the coach of C---- Green did CARTWHEELS on the sidelines whenever his team scored. At least one each goal, and sometimes two. Actual CARTWHEELS. This is a grown man with a ten-year-old son.

* When during the second half the C---- Green goalie, and the two fullbacks, SAT DOWN on the field for several minutes DURING PLAY, as if they couldn't even be bothered standing there because obviously H---- wasn't going to get the ball down there. After awhile the fullbacks stood up, but the goalie continued to sit. Their coach said and did nothing.

One brave H---- parent (after psyching herself up by telling each of us on the sidelines that she was going to do it, and getting LOTS of encouragement), actually went up to the coach and told him that it was inappropriate to be doing cartwheels after goals. He completely brushed her off, told her that it was "tradition" and that he was sorry she felt that way.

I'm just STEAMING MAD about the poor sportsmanship that this coach not only allowed on his team (those kids should've at the LEAST been told to stand up immediately, and really should have been benched), but he was a horrible horrible sport himself (and really should not be representing the league by coaching).

The H---- parents (who are always as good about modelling good sportsmanship as we can be, clapping when the other team scores, often shouting out praise for a particularly good play by the opposing know, the way it should be), went above and beyond on cheering our kids after the game was over, applauding them (and truly, applauding the way they maintained their dignity in the game, even in the face of such incredible insult as was shown by C---- Green).

I did make sure to talk to Mark on the way home, so that he knew that CG's behaviour was unacceptable. I also let him know that I, and many of the other H---- parents, were lodging complaints.

And I have. I emailed the person who initially arranges for H---- to be involved in that soccer league each season. I know many of the parents went directly home and called him (I don't call, I email). If he's not the person to field the complaint, I asked him to tell me where to send it.

Lemme tell you....if my kid EVER showed that kind of disrespect to another team, I'd have his (or her) butt off the team so fast all you'd see is a blur.


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