Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Because I Am Insane

Spirit Week is coming. April 14-18. People who have been here awhile will know that I really get into Spirit Week on my kids' behalf, going to rather nutty lengths for these little school events.

This year, the days are as follows:

Monday...Pajama Day. Wear your favorite pajamas to school!
Tuesday...Dress to Impress Day. Come to school in your most formal attire!
Wednesday...Past or Future Day. Dress in styles from any time in past or future!
Thursday...Fictional/Historical Figure Day. Honor your favorite book character or an important historical figure!
Friday...Hat/Wacky Hair Day. WOW! You can wear hats in school...especially creative ones! Or give yourself a crazy hairstyle!

So, I worked with Mark and Kira today to determine what they're doing each day. Here's what we've come up with:

Monday: Mark's wearing his plaid pjs, Elmo slippers, and will carry some unknown prop. Kira is wearing her Hannah Montana nightgown, pink fuzzy slippers, and will have velcro rollers in her hair. Probably will also carry undetermined prop. (I tried and tried to get Mark to agree to the velcro rollers, too, but he has so far resisted.)

Tuesday: Kira will wear the silver ball gown I made for her Tooth Fairy costume. Amazingly, it still fits. I am going to attempt to find a tux at Goodwill for Mark. Hey, it could happen.

Wednesday: Mark will be a caveman. Kira will be a Hawaiian hula dancer (hey Jenny, just like her mom, huh?)

Thursday: I technically don't have to do this one, since the kids will be with their dad, but Mark really wants to be Clark Kent. So I'm going to find a Superman T-shirt, and over that he will wear a button-down shirt that I'll adjust so it velcro-s closed so he can rip it open quickly to reveal the shirt. He's quite excited about this. Kira originally wanted to be Squanto, but is now unsure. (actually, for past/future day she originally wanted to be a Pilgrim, too...I'm happier with the hula dancer, it's easier and doesn't involve sewing)

Friday: Mark is wearing his sister's Hannah Montana wig under his Celtics hat. Actually, when he tried it on today he looked like an 80's headbanger. For Kira, we are going to find a big hat (possibly a top hat), and hot-glue billions of little weird things to it (some of them will be springing from the hat from pipe cleaners), and each of those weird things will be wearing its own little top hat. Should be interesting.

I have less than two weeks to pull all this stuff together. Oh, and did I mention that I still have to finish my tax return, my parents' tax return, make some Jamaican jerk chicken and rice and peas (none of which I have ever made before) for Mark's class on Monday, finish copying over the school volunteer group meeting notes, and help work on a wedding? Oh, and start planning a bridal shower? And keep up with housework and all the regular-life stuff? Um, think I take on too much for myself? duh.

The thing is, I love doing all of these kinds of things, and wouldn't give up any one of them (well, maybe taxes). They just always have these tendencies of coming all at once. sigh. Well, it'll all work out. mk

p.s. Ro, not a PEEP about any of the kids' plans! You are sworn to secrecy! Well, as much secrecy as there can be with a blog that's, you know, posted on the Internet for the entire world to stumble across. ;)

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