Monday, March 31, 2008

Drama Residency, Act Two

So, the Children's Stage Adventures couple has returned for another week-long drama residency. This year the play will be The Princess and the Pea. Mark was totally turned off at the idea of having to do that story.

Tryouts were today, and the kids who had to stay after school for rehearsal would be calling their parents to let them know. I happened to be away from the house when Mark called, so I got a message. It said something like:

"Hi Mom this is Mark. I got a part in the play I'm the {mumblemumble}. Yeah, so can you pick me up at {mumblemumble}...and I think Kate, too, but her mom will probably call you."

So. Didn't get to hear the key points of the call, namely what time I was supposed to pick him up, and, more importantly to me, in what part he was cast!

So, having already had the time written on my planner (I *love* the drama residency), I was there on time, and saw the last couple of minutes of the rehearsal, which had Mark surrounded by several girls.

Mark is the Prince.

He got the lead. He is Prince Mackenzie McArthur McGuire. Mac for short. He goes on a quest to find a princess to marry, goes through five different princesses before he finds Miss Right. Or rather, Miss Elizabeth Wright.

Playing Miss Wright? Of all the girls in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, it's the one girl I can't hope Mark could date, can't say "Awwwwww, what a cute couple." Can't tease him about. His cousin Kate. Dang it.

So anyway, we'll be running lines all week, because he has a LOT of lines to learn before the performances this Friday. And Friday I will attend both performances, and take pictures, and videotape it, and burn it to disc, and all will be lovely. Mama proud. mk

p.s. And for someone who supposedly wasn't very excited about the play chosen, he's pretty hyper about it now. He's loving his part, and now that he's *read* the play, he thinks it's pretty cool. He doesn't have to sing that much, either, which he likes, although he does have a couple of solo lines. Whatever. He's got enough of his mama's drama streak that he's having fun. :D


BarnGoddess said...

congratulations on the lead part! your son will do great I am certain :)he is already a prince, right?

min said...

Hee-hee! That is so cool!
Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!
(of both of them!)