Thursday, April 03, 2008

Public Service Announcement

The public in general will be pleased (and relieved) to know that I am not going to have to attend Brenda's wedding naked.

I found a dress. Jones New York Dress. It's a deep cobalt blue, with a sleeveless crossover bodice that goes into almost a racer-back. There's some ruching that makes it very flattering and covers a multitude of sins. The front crosses over in a very very deep V that will require specially designed support garments (there is some serious cleavage there, and the girls aren't as firm as they once were; they need to be contained or it's jello city). The dress, of course, much better than it sounds when I try to describe it. Even on me. Below-knee length, and it's a stretchy material (apparently "poly/spandex" if that means anything) that is super super comfortable. AND (and I know that past bridesmaids everywhere will be seething with jealousy) I really CAN (and *will*) wear it again.

I had originally thought that we would end up going with either a pale green or pale blue (beach glass colors), but cobalt was also one of the colors Brenda is using, and this dress is almost perfectly the shade she chose. I had been really against the idea of wearing this "bright" a color, but it's really quite nice, I think. I *hope* that Brenda loves it. I brought it over and showed it to her, and she says that she likes it, but I'm hoping that she's not just being accommodating or anything. This *is* her wedding, and even if it means wearing something hideous, I am totally up for it if it means that Brenda gets her special day just the way she wants it. (You hear me on that, Bren? Any qualms, and I'll continue the search!)

So. Now I just need to figure out shoes (4:00 wedding at a shipyard...I'm thinking silver shoes might be too glam unless they were brushed silver, black might be too dark....hmm, beige?....maybe these?) I have to be careful to have a very solid heel, since we're not going to be on flooring, and I do NOT want to twist my ankle again. Good Lord, I just had a horrible vision of going down the ramp to the dock and catching a heel. Ack. I'm also going to have some back-up shoes for the inevitable time that my feet start killing me (damn bunions).

Oh, also undergarments. I think Brenda and I might need to have a session where we get these items taken care of, because she needs shoes & unders, also.

BUT. At least I'm not naked. I think we can all be grateful for that. mk


Anonymous said...

I think we need to see photos of you in the dress before we can make suggestions about shoes. Just sayin'.

The Beast Mom said...

That color sounds very nice. I can picture you already. I agree with "Katesaid" however and would like to see photos. :)


markira said...

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow. So in the next few days I will try to get a spot in my house cleared enough that I can stand there and have Mark snap a picture. I'll even shave my legs. ;)

The things I do for you people. I *hate* seeing pictures of me. But man, I need the advice on the shoes!

Brenda said...

I love the shoes (and the dress, BTW). They may even work for me! Is that against the rules....the Bride and Maid of Honor wearing the same shoes??!??!?