Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jamaica, Mon

In Social Studies Mark's class is doing a study on Latin American countries (really, Central and South Americas). Mark's country is Jamaica. He has to develop a travel brochure, and also bring in some food from his country.

So, tonight I made Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and Rice and Peas. I'd never made either before, and it was a little intimidating, but it turned out fantastic. Mark and I did a little taste test of each, and they passed with flying colors. Tomorrow he brings them in to his class....I'll be interested to hear their reactions. The jerk chicken has a spicy little kick, and the rice and peas (which are actually kidney beans...Jamaicans apparently refer to all beans as peas) is made with coconut milk. Not your average middle-school fare.

Mark is so excited about the recipes that he has proposed that we do a lot more international cooking. He wants us to try recipes from a different country at least once a month. The first country he wants to do is Russia. hmmmmm.....borscht, maybe? mk


Anonymous said...

Dude, I just got back from Jamaica... if I'd known I could've brought some from-the-source jerk seasoning.

Mark might be interested to know that Jamaicans actually eat a surprising amount of canned goods, even canned tropical fruit depending on the season... somehow I expected more fresh fruit and vegetables there. Maybe that's just a product of where we were staying. They also typically smoke chicken in these huge drums for hours and hours until it's fall-off-the-bone tender with just a bit of spices on it and serve the jerk sauce on the side, so you can decide whether to melt your face off or keep it low-key.

markira said...

Well, you'll just have to go back to Jamaica so you can get me some jerk seasoning. :D

Also some rum.

Mark loved the "decide whether to melt your face off" line.