Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Past or Future Day

Mark is *really* into this costume today. He's all in character. Ya gotta give the boy props for wearing this to school---middle school--and being this crazy in general. Oh, and his hair added over three inches to his regular height.

Kira had thrown a mini-tantrum just before these pictures, arguing about not wanting to wear the hula skirt on the bus. Then I get her outside and said I was taking pictures, and she gives me this. sigh.

And this is what I have running through my head in a continuous sound loop.


min said...

I was thinking the song would be Ally Oop.
Those costumes are fantastic. Your kids are at the greatest stage right now. Hate it one it the next.
I dare YOU to show up at the school in one of those costumes (that was always my threat of punishment to my kids).

Karmyn R said...

WOW! Your son looks great - and what a difference from the suit and tie from the "dress to impress" day!!! He doesn't look like the same kid.

Even though your daughter is giving you a sigh - she doesn't look like it from the photos!


Anonymous said...

Really cool....!