Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mythbusters--Airplane Edition

So I'm watching Mythbusters (which is SUCH a great show), and they are doing airplane-related myths. The young people are doing the three skydiving myths from Point Break: the length of time for the 4000-feet fall, carrying on a conversation during freefall, and one person jumping later but catching up to someone who jumped first.

So, naturally, they are doing some skydiving. Man, the idea of skydiving just makes me pretty much convulse from panic. I can think of very few things that seem more stupid than throwing yourself out of an airplane and trusting a few yards of fabric and some string to prevent you from dying.

Have any of you ever done any skydiving? And if so, what the hell? Are you freaking insane?

I hate heights. I'm not even really good on ladders. I know this is contradicted by my love of flying (in gliders, thanks), but you know, I'm all enclosed and everything. I suppose it's not really a fear of heights so much as a terror of falling. There will never ever be bungee-jumping in my future. Ever. Ever ever. Can I possibly stress that enough?

So, back to watch the last few minutes of Mythbusters. Adam and Jamie just confirmed the myth that air-traffic-control really can talk a normal person into landing an airplane. Interestingly enough, their research showed that this has never actually happened with a commercial aircraft, despite the prevalence of the myth. Also, they showed that the far easier method would be to put the aircraft on autopilot. Gotta love autopilot. I shall remember that in future, should I ever be in the position of being the first layperson who has to land a commercial aircraft in the event that both the pilot and copilot are incapacitated.

OK, check in later. mk

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The Beast Mom said...

You couldn't pay me to skydive. Plus I don't like those little planes. There are too many little-plane-accidents.

My husband wants to skydive. I don't like the idea one bit. I'm not a naysayer to him about anything else in life. But this one thing, I haven't been able to feel supportive of. It gives me the shivers just thinking about if something went wrong...