Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun Monday--Celebrity Crush Edition

Jo Beaufoix, who is hosting this week's Fun Monday, wants to know about my first celebrity crush.

I started young. I had my first really big celebrity crush at around seven or eight.

But first I must provide background.

My parents have never been on the cutting edge of the musical world. In fact, to this day my dad sticks with the stuff he knows: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, The Platters, Elvis, Chubby Checker, you get the idea....and for some reason, Robert Palmer. He just likes the videos, I think. Dad could not name three current musicians if his very life depended on it. (You can't count bands like The Rolling Stones...they're just immortal.) Everything other than what he listens to is referred to as "hippie music." As in, "You've got your hippie music too loud, turn it down." Which I heard at least 47 billion times while living under their roof. If you could hear music in the next room, it was too loud.

So anyway. Old-time music. (I was born in 1971.) But that's what I listened to. We had tons of records, and we played 45s on our little bright-orange portable record player all day. We made up little dance routines to some of our favorites. I don't think I heard "current" music until I was in junior high.

So one day I decided to write a love letter to my faaaaaaaavorite musician. I worked hard over it, used my best penmanship, got an envelope, and went to ask my mom the address (why I thought my mom would know a celebrity's address off the top of her head, who knows. I was still in the "my parents know EVERYTHING" phase). She looked at the name I had printed on the envelope, and ripped my little world to shreds.

"You can't write to Elvis, he's dead."

So that was my first celebrity crush. And now you are saved from hearing about my OTHER crushes on: Shaun Cassidy, Davy Jones (from the Monkees...their 25th anniversary reunion tour was the first concert I attended. Never mind the man's the same age as my mother. I didn't attend another concert until I went to see Marilyn Manson in 2002.), Michael Jackson (before any of the surgery), or Duran Duran (which spanned many the height of it I had 206 posters of them up in my room at the same time. I totally wanted John Taylor.).

Who was YOUR first celebrity crush? mk


Alison said...

great post...but Marilyn Manson?? he scares me!

mjd said...

Oh no, Elvis is dead. I think that the National Enquirer has claimed otherwise more than once.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, that was so cute. And your other crushes are an interesting mix, very eclectic.
Thanks for playing and have a fab day. :D

BS said...

My first concert was The Beach Boys and Chicago. I'm old, aren't I?

Brenda said...

I was totally into Shaun Cassidy. He was the first concert I ever attended. I was 9. My parents took me and I remember going up to the stage at one point (because we had nose-bleed seats and I just had to get closer to him!) I got close enough to see him sweat and made the mistake of telling my parents that. I think Mom quotes me to this day. My bedroom walls were covered with posters of him....until he got married. How could he?!?!?!?

But my first fan letter was to Erik Estrada. I received an 8 x 10 black and white autographed photo in return. What was I thinking?!?!?!

I never did the Elvis thing nor the Beatles. Tom Cruise never really raised the blood pressure either. I had a brief David Lee Roth thing. I loved Grizzly Adams! Sean Connery (when did he turn into a grandfather?!) I saw Michael Flatley perform and was awed by his ability and physique but have to believe that he is probably arrogant and impossible to be around. Same goes for Bill Clinton....wait a minute...I know...Bill Clinton? I saw him talk a few years ago and *DISCLAIMER* I totally don't think he is attractive at all but he exudes this charisma that I'm sure is hard to resist should he direct his attention toward you.

Matthew Mcconaughey is HOT and I love, love, love that he seems to have a lack of shirts in his wardrobe!

My latest and last crush though is my sweet Brian. But he's not a celebrity....