Saturday, April 05, 2008


I am so behind in my blog reading. Dang, miss just a couple of days for surgery, and all my blog people go all crazy on me. Then I either haven't had the energy or the time to spend catching all up. I've managed to mostly keep up with a few, but then the list gets longer and longer and longer. I've been reading blogs for about two hours right now and I'm *down to* 266 entries in my blog feeder.

So be patient, anyone who might have missed me. I will (hopefully) eventually get caught up. mk

p.s. I've been so tempted to just empty my feeder and start over from today, but I'm really afraid that I'll miss something cool or important. gah.

p.p.s. And don't I sound all cool tossing around terms like "blog feeder" all casually? And sounding important because I've got so much backlog to catch up with, I must be awesome or something? heh heh. SO not true.


BG said...

WHen I cannot read my favorite blogs, I sit around wondering what I am missing....but not enough to feel too badly about it :)

I like non-stress blogging...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're awesome. I am finding it verrrry hard to believe that you haven't blogged about the play yet.