Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring is Here! (Knock Wood)

Man, I love spring. Today the weather is in the low 50's, which is AWESOME. Mark biked to the local country market after school and picked up a soda for himself, and one for his sister. Kira and I took a 45-minute walk up the road (well, I walked. She rode her bike.). She decided that next time she's bringing a shopping bag to put on her handlebars so we can pick up the litter from the side of the road.

Mark left awhile ago to bike up the road to Eddie's house and hang out until 6. I love that we live on the same road, so that the boys can do that. Things are so (relatively) far apart here that until recently any time he wanted to hang out with someone, a parent had to drive him. Now he's old enough to bike to friends' houses (within reason). I remember growing up in a small town, and biking or walking to all my friends' houses all the time. We went wherever, our parents never knew exactly where we were, but we'd be home for dinner. Things were safer then. Or, we had the illusion that they were.

I'm not quite ready to let Mark bike the six miles to the park to play basketball with his friends, but I'm almost ready to let him go the two miles to the school (most of which is along a very busy road), as well as the three miles to camp. Soon, maybe. I need to talk to some of the other moms and see what they let their kids do. Maybe I'm hopelessly overprotective. It's hard to tell sometimes. I probably am.

Regardless, I am excited about the improvement in the weather. Winter is gorgeous, but especially for one who has SAD, spring is a very welcome relief. This has been a looooong winter (NINE snow days from school!). The end is in sight!

Until mud season and blackflies. sigh. mk

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