Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dang I Have Fun At Goodwill

So I went to Goodwill yesterday to see if I could find anything for any of the kids' Spirit Week stuff. I had hoped to find a tux for Mark. I was unable to find one; however, I did come across some other goodies.

I found a basketball tie that I had been eying for quite some time. Got it for $0.99. Thought that was pretty cool.

But my big find of the day was the suits. I found two suits that I thought might possibly fit Mark. I bought them both and brought them home, and he tried them on this afternoon. He looks fantastic in them. Oh my gosh. Very grown-up. One of the suits we didn't like *as* much, so I'll probably take that one back, because the odds of him needing to wear two different suits between now and the time he outgrows them is pretty slim. So I'm taking back the "more expensive" one, which cost all of $15. The one he kept is a gorgeous charcoal color with very subtle beaded stripes. I looked up the brand (Hart Schaffner Marx), and it turns out to be about a $700-800 suit....that I got for $5. I spent more than that on the dress shoes I also got ($6 for Brass Boot tasseled loafers, very similar to these).

I'll have pictures of Mark in his expensive suit in two weeks, with the Michael Kors tie I found for him at TJMaxx for, I think, $3 (normally sold for $95). I don't know if he'll impress anyone else, but he'll impress the hell out of *me*.

Anyway. I got such a tickle out of this, I had to share. Now if I can just convince him to get a haircut....nothing major, just putting a little polish on the hack job I gave him months ago that is growing

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