Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Hate the Yoplait Yogurt Girls

You know the one. The brunette who ALWAYS has to one-up her friend at how fucking good the yogurt is. And then they toast yogurts.

I hate that bitch. For once, let your friend win. Can you possibly? Bitch. mk

p.s. Really. Just shut the hell up.


Anonymous said...


You are (still) too much!

I'm here at work on a Sunday morning, trying to stay awake...and I check for some recent posts, and......KABOOM!!!

The girls here are wondering what's so funny.....I asked if either of them like Yoplait....(!)

And, your drunk blogging entries were great!!! Did you know that in #16), you quoted Forest Gump??? (I love you, Jenny!)

You know, Markira -- you seem to me to be a great mom, always there for your kids, and extremely involved in their lives. You are more-than-entitled to break loose sometimes....I hope you enjoyed gettin' your buzz on!

I hope that by the time you read this, you are not experiencing one helluva hangover....especially since you wrote about "whipping your head around"....(ouch).

....I'll be 'checking in on you' later today when I get up (now that's a loser!) to see if you made out okay, got a terrible head-ache, or puked your brains out!!!

Hang in there, 'kiddo'...!


markira said...


No hangover, no puking, no whiplash.

LOL, that was supposed to say whipping my HAIR around.

Seriously, if the Yoplait girl had suddenly appeared in my living room last night, it would have gotten ugly. ;)


BarnGoddess said...

yes! I hate them too

Anonymous said...

I'm totally envisioning a yogurt-wrestling match. You could take them.

Lil Mouse said...

snicker snicker. he he.