Friday, January 11, 2008

War of the Elmos

Captain Brenda gave me some Elmo slippers before Christmas (she's got a thing for Elmo, thus everyone in the world gives her Elmo everything and she just didn't need the slippers). I brought them home and in addition to Kira (of course) thinking it was super-cool, surprisingly Mark wanted to claim them for himself.

So, the other day I was cleaning up some stuff in my room (an odd enough event in itself), and decided to put the Elmo slippers in Mark's room so he could wear them at will.

That night, I went to bed and found my covers all pulled up and the Elmos peeking out at me from the pillow.

So the next day I brought them into Mark's room and balanced them on the hangers in Mark's jean closet (which is part of his bureau).

He responded by putting them in my bedroom entertainment center on top of the TV.

My reply was to poke the Elmo head of the slippers between the tab tops of the curtains which cover his bookcases.

Last night they were balanced on top of my Egyptian lady head, one of them wearing her sunglasses.

He found them in his backpack where I was almost hoping they'd make it to school.

Can't wait to see where they'll turn up next! mk

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