Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Anybody who knows me even a little bit knows how much I love Kira's hair. She has the most gorgeous hair, with incredible highlights that people pay big bucks to get at the salon.

X and I have been in a back-and-forth on Kira's hair pretty much since the divorce. When we were together, he adored Kira's hair long. He loved long hair on females, period. Was very upset when I got my hair cut while we were married.

He has apparently undergone a huge change in opinion since the divorce. (gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with D's super-short hair?) On more than one occasion I have been "surprised" with a new, drastic chopping-off of Kira's hair, which of course has made me go absolutely ballistic.

Lately (meaning for the past several months) there has been a sneakier approach. He continues to insist to me that "Kira wants" her hair cut. That she has been in tears at his house because she wants a cut so badly but "mom won't let her." Of course, when I went directly to Kira, she said she *didn't* want a cut, that she wanted to grow her hair out as long as Rapunzel's, and that she loved her long hair.

Then she started waffling. Kira's hair was so long (past midback, but not down to her waist) that she absolutely had to have it braided before she went out to play in the snow, or she would come back in with the most godawful rat's nest of snarles and tangles, which often required an actual shower with conditioner to get through. She wasn't always agreeable to having her hair done, so the snarls would build up. Then when I brushed through her hair, even with lots of detangler, she would cry and whine and generally make both of us miserable.

So yesterday, after a couple of fits and starts over a few days, we decided it was absolutely the day to do it. I decided to cut it myself (I am so freaking stubborn and cheap sometimes), even though X claimed he would pay for it if I took her to a salon. Yeah, I've had experience with that. He never seems to have the cash on him, or the checkbook, and I end up never getting paid back.

Anyway, I took the plunge, got all my haircutting gear out (I have all the stuff...my mom is a licensed beautician, and don't think that wasn't freakin' awesome in high school and college to have a mom who could get you all the best product at reduced prices....yeah, baby). I sent Mark out to the barn to get a swiveling barstool, and we were off.

I estimate that I cut about eight inches (at least) off her hair. It's now swinging about her shoulders. She's super happy about it. I am less so. I keep seeing all the errors in the cut, and sections that are uneven, and I don't know how to do anything except a blunt cut on girls (I'm slightly better with Mark's, although I did kill it the time before last). I am totally cutting myself off from doing the kids' hair anymore. I think. Oh hell, I'll probably go at it again another time. Freakin' stubborn idiot I am.

So, after all that, I'm taking her to a salon today to clean it up. sigh.

Still going to try and get X to pay for it, though. Wish me luck. mk

Will you look at those highlights?

She looooooves her haircut.

Updated pics: took her to the salon today and got the cut smoothed out. The stylist said that I did a really great job for the most part. I know I don't know how to make it less blunt on the ends. So Alyson layered the ends up a little bit, texturized them, and razored the bangs a little. Overall I like it much better. When we got home I took a flat iron to Kira's hair and she wanted the ends flipped up a little bit. So I did. Here's the results:

And again she loooooooves her hair.


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Dude. I love her haircut too.

Come cut my hair.

Jody said...

You need to cut mine as well.

That child is gorgeous! I love her natural highlights. She has lovely hair. I can see how that would have been hard to cut.

Brenda said...

I think you did a great job with the hair cut! I actually liked yours a little better than the salon cut but it's hard to see everything from the pictures (I'm sure you could see things no one else would too because you did the cut!)Anyway, she's gorgeous....but you knew that...

markira said...


You're just going to have to wait until I save up funds to come visit.


Thank you. It *was* hard to cut. I have been in love with Kira's hair from the beginning.

If you're at Jenny's I can do two at once.


I was getting eaten up from constantly picking at it and seeing uneven spots and worrying about some crack X would make or something. The salon was as much for my peace of mind as to fix the cut. And I did like lots of what I had done but it was just so blunt. Her hair would flatten out on the top and then POOF at the bottom. It looked odd. And she loves all the flippiness.

Anonymous said...

I noticed at school today right away and I like it a lot. She looks so much older!

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