Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mark and the Dance...Update

So Mark actually asked Kelly to the Y Dance, and she said yes. Mark actually did the approach while she was standing in a group of around five girls, so even though the answer was pretty well predetermined, I still think that was pretty brave.

After it was over, Mark told me that he was worried that Kate was just setting him up for a joke (which would have been really mean, but cousins can be that way sometimes), and also makes his doing the group approach an even braver act.

Anyway. Once THAT event was over, then progressed the drama. Pretty much the entire afternoon and evening yesterday was spent in an agony of decision in trying to figure out if asking a girl to a dance means you have to PICK HER UP and BRING HER HOME. Particularly if it's supposed to be a double date, but none of the parents were going to be able to bring all four of the kids in their vehicles (in my case, plus Kira), so it wasn't like all of them were going to be able to go together in any case. So THEN it was trying to decide if Mark should go with Kelly, you know, JUST THE TWO OF THEM, IN ONE CAR (plus me & Kira). Add to this that Kelly apparently is going to be getting ready for the dance at another girl's house (not Kate's), and it just got so freakin' confusing. Mark and Eddie and Kate were all IM-ing last night (Mark's first day of IM, he was so excited it was funny), and E&K were just chatting about other stuff while Mark was trying to get answers, until apparently he just screamed out (well, all-caps-typed, 'cause you know, IM, you're not actually SPEAKING), "I NEED INFORMATION!" Then Kate took pity on him and he asked his questions (which were a: is he supposed to pick her up and b: is he supposed to bring her home) and she basically said, "Probably not, I don't know, I'll check." Isn't that great?

So Mark's all spazoid and as a result, *I'm* all spazoid, and this morning I came to the executive decision that the kids can meet at the dance and I'm making the regular arrangements where I take Mark and Eddie to the dance and Eddie's parents bring the boys home. That way I'm not dragging Kira around 2+ hours past her bedtime. Although the downside is that I won't be able to totally humiliate Mark by taking pictures of his first date.

So I emailed Mark this information after I confirmed it with Eddie's mom (and WE were able to work it all out in three minutes on the phone, funny how it didn't take us ALL DAY and still no decision), and now I can't wait to hear the fallout.

Mark has already picked out his outfit, set aside money to pay for him and Kelly to get in, plus buy them drinks. He is very excited that he actually has a date.

The other day he was telling me: "Mom, you don't understand! It SUCKS to be single!"

Um. Yeah. I totally don't understand that, only having been single myself for the last FIVE YEARS. And you, dear heart, are TWELVE.

"Yeah, but Mom, it's not the same. I've NEVER had a girlfriend! EVER!!"

Please refer back to: you are TWELVE.

Oh, also, just because they are going to the dance together (which is a Valentine's Dance, and also a semiformal, which in middle school means the girls wear dresses or skirts instead of jeans, and the boys don't wear T-shirts), the following clarifications had to be made:

* They are NOT dating. They are just going on A DATE.
* He is NOT getting her a carnation on Carnation Day/Valentine's Day. See above: they are not dating.
* He is NOT giving her a Valentine. Gosh, they're NOT dating! And c'mon, Mom, VALENTINES?

So, okay, now everyone is up to speed. If anything further develops, I will update. mk


Anonymous said...

OMG that is too funny! I will try very hard to keep a straight face this week.

Kate said...

Oh, the drama. I so don't envy any of them. Good luck!!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

12 is the new 21.