Friday, February 15, 2008

My Project For the Day

This (snapped off, extremely corroded bolt):

Plus an apparently for-show-only one of these:

Has led to this:

And today's project will be to first install an actually functioning shut-off valve to the toilet, so I can then remove the tank and install a new tank-to-bowl gasket kit with new bolts.

Thankfully I was actually *in* the bathroom when the bolt fell apart, leading to a several-gallon flood in my bathroom. I was able to relatively quickly get that cleaned up. However, my original duct-tape job holding up the ball float let go while Mark was in the shower, which led to a *second* several gallon flood in the bathroom. The second one was worse, because it was not noticed immediately, so instead of just holding up the ball float and flushing, thereby getting rid of most of the water in the tank, all of that water actually ran out onto the floor of the bathroom.

There was dripping through the dining room ceiling as well, as the water leaked down around the pipe at the base of the toilet. Not much, though. But still. So now also have to replace a 2'X4' ceiling tile.

Fun for today! This *totally* beats my original plan to go find some marked-down Valentine's chocolate. I mean, any day that is spent in extremely close proximity to an old toilet tank has gotta be pretty good, hey? mk

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