Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moon, Sun & Stars

Did anyone go outside last night and check out the lunar eclipse? It was the last total lunar eclipse until December 2010, so I hope you did get a chance to see it.

Kimmie and I made a point to go out and look. Being in Watertown instead of rural Maine, the view was not as beautiful as it would have been from home, but it was still pretty awesome. I had never taken the time to view a lunar eclipse before. Amazing.

If you did see it, let me know where you were and how it looked to you. mk

p.s. There will be a total solar eclipse on August 1st, 2008. However, unless you are in a location that sees the midnight sun, this eclipse will not be visible for you. Be sure to check out the Perseids meteor shower on August 12 (meaning the morning of August 12th, not the night of)...the best viewing will be after moonset at around 3am, until dawn.

I've been planning to check out that darn meteor shower for years, and haven't made it yet. This year.....this year, darn it.

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BarnGoddess said...

I read your post from Boston!

Im glad you got away and are having a relaxing time.

We missed the eclipse due to the ice storm :(