Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello From Boston!

Well, not actually BOSTON, but from Perkins School for the Blind, in Watertown. The church bells are ringing as I am typing, and all is peaceful on campus, since students have gone home for vacation.

My friend Kimmie works here, and I am visiting her for a few days. She came and got me yesterday (the girl loves to drive), and I'm going home tomorrow. The kids are with X, and I have nothing I have to do here, no agenda, just whatever we feel like. Kimmie's still sleeping (and snoring), having groggily come to long enough to give me the password to her laptop. So, bonus, I also get to test-drive the practicality of having a laptop, which I've been rather coveting for a long time. (as it just now occurs to me that a laptop can be just that, rather than having to hunch over the table typing, as I was doing....hello, desktop-trained)

I have told Kimmie that I really don't want to have to make any of the "major" decisions, like what to have for dinner, because dammit, I am on vacation. Short vacation, but a vacation. And being the head of household, I make ALL the decisions, ALL the time. It's refreshing not to have to do it. Decision-making is hard for me anyway, and to never be able to defer to someone else (or, if I do, hello, it's a kid, so that has to be limited) is draining.

The decisions I have not had to make so far include: whether to eat out, take out, or cook at the apartment (really a room in a suite shared by three people...private bedrooms, common bathroom, laundry room, and teeeeeeeny tiny kitchen)--we did takeout; what KIND of food to get for dinner (Chinese); what movie to watch while we were eating dinner (Becoming Jane, which I just love); whether to sleep in the spare room or drag the mattress into Kimmie's room (we did the latter...more of a sleepover effect); and whether to watch a second movie or crash (we crashed).

So, today I believe we plan to pick up a new Paul Pierce poster for Mark (Kimmie had gotten one for him previously, but she left it by the window with the window down and it got soaked...oops), and other than that I have no idea what we're doing. It's a very interesting idea, knowing that absolutely nothing we do today will be a part of my regular routine, that everything will be something new to see, somewhere new to go, and that even if it falls along the lines of similarity with my regular life (i.e. the whole shower-and-get-dressed routine), it will still be fresh.

I am looking at an adventure, people, and I am determined to suck every drop of different out of it, even as I am only taking babybaby steps towards newness.

What can YOU do today to make the sameness of your everyday seem new? mk

okay, I AM making the decision to wake Kimmie up. Time's wasting. She can sleep after I go home. :D

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