Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Monday

The Fun Monday challenge was a two parter this week:

1) What's in a did you name your blog?
2) What's on your Plate....what is your favorite dish?

This assignment comes from mariposa at mariposa's tales. I came about it via Min at Mama Drama.

Well, I've told before how I became markira...but for the newcomers, the short version is that I realized if I mushed my son's and daughter's names together, it sounded neat. And I love the name, and have loved it for all the years I have used it. It has become more than just a name, but a part of my identity. I splurged on a Michael Kors purse because it had the repeating initials MK on it.

Regarding the name of my blog, Reflections of Nothing...

When I was in sixth grade, I wrote a book of poems for class. I titled it, Reflections of Nothing. (who knows sounded good) When I was probably around a sophomore in high school, I wrote a poem titled Reflections of Nothing. It was a time full of angst (of course), and my sophomoric writing was prolific, if not particularly good. Here, for your reading enjoyment (well, toleration, anyway):

Reflections of Nothing

in a hall of mirrors
a thousand reflections
shriek back at me--
short, fat and ugly,
twisted and grimacing,
or stretched out too thin.
I run from one to another.
no escape, no escape
They mock me, these images
others have made of me--
laughing, screaming,
contorted with pain.
In terror I strike out,
and break every glass
to shatters on the floor.
In one tiny perfect shard
I glance at myself
to see no image there...
Reflections of nothing.
Is this what I am?

For a favorite dish (there is no single one), it probably should be something Mexican. And my first really great introduction to Mexican (or what passes for it in Maine), were baby chicken chimichangas on a bed of freshly shredded lettuce with guacamole and sour cream on the side. It was at Margarita's Mexican Restaurant and Watering Hole, in Orono. Oh yum. I haven't been to Margarita's in many years, but The Park Street Grille in Rockland also makes very good chimichangas, only these are HUGE.

Here's a picture randomly grabbed from the Internet (

Doesn't this just look yummy? Add margarita(s) and some Mexican rice and black bean sauce and oooooooooooh.

So there. My foray into Fun Monday is complete. Comment to let me know if you participated, too! mk

update: next week's host is janet
(anybody else getting Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Dammit Janet" in their heads?)


min said...

Yum on the MaineMex!
Love the poem. I wish we could harness all the creative juices that young adults have. We are never again so passionate about everything!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I'm drooling over here.

And even though you told me a million times where "Markira" comes from, to me that will always be your real name.

Lil Mouse said...

i actually think that your 'sophomoric' poem is pretty damn deep. doesnt it harness what we all feel in today's society? people say we are this,should be this, and at the end of the day, we look in the mirror and don't see ourselves as we truly are... deep, see?

Pamela said...

We visit a local Mexican restaurant at least once a week. It's habit forming. (I just don't like the habit on my hips)

The poem is striking!

markira said...


I think I'm still channeling my youth. :D


And I'm Hawaiian.

lil mouse & Pamela,

Thanks for popping in, and for your kind words about my poem. (you too, min!) It's obviously still hitting enough of a chord with me that I named my blog after it. (Plus, most of my ramblings are of absolutely no major know, nothing.)

And to all,
I KNOW! Mexican....YUMMMMMM. My hips curse the day the first bite passed my lips and firmly attached itself to them.

-Ann said...

You can't get decent mexican food in rural ireland. And somehow, the stuff I make at home is never the same as the wonderful little place across the alley behind our house in Chicago where we could both have dinner for $10!

Jan said...

Love Mexican food. I think it comes from living the the West my whole life, in Southern California.

JennV said...

Mexican in any form Real or Maine-esque sounds good to me!

Carrie Sue said...

Love the poem. And that picture of chimichangas is making me so hungry! I love mexican food!

Hootin' Anni said...

EXCELLENT reason for naming your blog!!! I like it...and just the title sounds poetic to me.

Sandy said...

MaineMex? Min always makes me laugh. Welcome to Fun Monday. Terrific job.

markira said...

Thank you to all the new visitors...I hope you come back again!

Carrie Sue & hootin' anni, thank you also for your compliments. Sandy, I had fun with Fun Monday (go figure). Looking forward to next week's.

I can't look at this post much without having a heavy craving for some chimis.

Irish Coffeehouse said...

I think your blog name is great- combining your childrens names. And the bonus is it sounds so very cool!

Aw man, do those chimmy's look divine!

Thanks for sharing!