Monday, February 25, 2008

Dipping Toes in the Technorati Waters

Well, I did it. I joined Technorati. And right now my "Authority" is 4, and I have 0 fans, and this blog's rank is 1,644,723.

So people, it's up to you. "Fave" me on Technorati (button conveniently placed on the side of my blog, right around "People You Should Meet."

I will now have another place to constantly, compulsively check statistics to see what a loser I am.

Thanks Jenny! ;) mk

correction: I have 1 fan. Me. Have you heard of anything more pathetic? Link to me, people, c'mon.

Cripe. Jenny puts me in her faves and my ranking jumps up to 1,391,575. What power have you, woman?!?!?!? That's a QUARTER MILLION JUMP.


BarnGoddess said...

man, I am so confused by all that stuff!

lol, I do good to post/publish what I can over at the Res.

The Beast Mom said...

So what is Technorati exactly? I don't even know. See, always several steps behind I am... ;)


markira said...

As far as I can tell, Technorati is a black hole that sucks you into blogland and forces you to obsess about such things as pings, ratings, favorites, tags, authority, and other weird terms.

It's supposed to in some way get you onto some track to improve your readership. I think. Plus other stuff I haven't figured out.