Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hi, my name is markira, and I'm a blogaholic.

Seriously, I'm more of a bipolar blogaholic, since I often go long(ish) periods of time without blogging at all (blogblock), but then I'll blog a bazillion posts a day and only stop because I'm a little embarrassed for people to see how pathetic I am that I have nothing better to do with my life (what life, haha) than post to my blog that I stubbed my toe.

Similarly, when I am in these manic phases, I check my blogroll multiple times a day to see if there's anything new, or to read the comments, or to see if there was a reply to my comment, and seriously, if I had more than 17 people I check every day I can see where I would grow mold. (yeah, I know, RSS--eventually) And yet, I continue to check other people's blogrolls to see if there's something out there I'm missing. And ergo, I can easily waste days at a time on the Internet. And then I will lift my head and stretch my back (holy COW doesn't that hurt after a few hours hunched over the computer, and yeah, yeah, ergonomics blah blah) and look blearily around and figure out what day it is and how long it's been since I did laundry.

So yes, blogaholic, that's me.

To test this theory, see the following:
List of symptoms (A list of 50! Lists! Love lists!)
Another quiz

Can you tell that right now I am in a manic phase? mk


BarnGoddess said...

I love my manic phases, they are my friend.

oh my, are those your kids in the post below? they are beautiful :)

One in Ten said...

ex.s are such pain in the ass's
I remember when my daughters hair was long and she cut it all off made me want to cry

The Beast Mom said...

Well, I landed in the "casual blogger" category on the first quiz. I thought I'd rank higher. ;)


markira said...


Thank you. I think so, too.

1 in 10,

I think that is in the "ex" job description. X did that to me, too. I went ballistic. I think he enjoyed it.


I ranked at "perfect level of blogger" level (not sure if it was casual or not, and of course right now I can't get the quiz to grade...grrr) on the first one, but a blogaholic on the second one.

Maybe if we were mean and started flames we'd score higher. ;)

The Beast Mom said...

Let's not and say we did. :)
Some of those flames actually kind of scare me. They make me lose hope in humanity. They make me wonder about America's education levels. And they make me think the internet is horrible for actual communication.

Now I know the internet is useful. But seriously, when people get mad on-line? Things get out of hand FAST.