Saturday, February 23, 2008

Drive-by Plowing

It took me years to get the fence up. Well, first it took years to get fence materials. Then it took a couple more years to get the fence installed. Which I finally did, in September 2007. And it was a beautiful thing, and it has garnered many compliments, and it has given me great joy, and I dressed it up with Christmas lights and everything.

And this morning I see this:

Somebody backed a plow into it. mk


Anonymous said...

OMG You must be furious!

markira said...

I have definitely been happier.

However, all things considered this is a relatively cheap fix, and in a super-small town like this, sometimes you look the other way on an issue when you know that eventually it will get compensated by some other mutual back-scratching.

Such is the case here. Dad came up today on his way to camp and took off the last section, and we'll fix it in the spring.

Undisclosed details in this blog entry include that there was an unexpected death in the family where the funeral was held that day, so the person plowing could have understandably been distracted. Also, there has been much positive relation between my family and theirs, so I'll suck up the what, $50 fix, and chalk it up to goodwill.

Still, it SERIOUSLY sucked to see.

Anonymous said...

MK - Sorry to see the damaged fence; at least your outlook on the whole thing is good. I looked at the photos before I read your posting....for a second, I thought the entry would be about your son making an attempt to drive by himself!!

The lunar eclipse the other night... luckily, a coworker remembered that it was going on. We saw a spectacular red moon, even though we were in the center of downtown Providence...!

Gotta go, it's after 3am, but I ain't at work!!


markira said...


Originally my outlook was horrible; hysterical, really. It took some time to calm down & realize the relativity of the issue.

Bite your tongue on Mark driving by himself! mk