Monday, February 18, 2008

Reason #947 Why The Idea of Mark With a License Scares Me

We were going over to Brenda's today to work on wedding invitation designs. Well, Brenda and I were going to work on designs, and the kids and Brian were going to maybe do some painting for the boat.

Before we went to Brenda's, I needed to stop at TJMaxx to see if by chance they still had the dresses in stock that I really, really wanted Kira to wear to the wedding. Mark decided he'd rather stay in the car and listen to his iPod, so Kira and I went in.

We were only able to find ONE of the dresses left, and it was a size 14 (kira is an 8 or maybe a 10). She suggested that she try it on just in case, and it was fortunate that she did, because with that particular style of dress, it really did fit okay. I might tack it a little bit in the back, but even if I didn't, it would still look fine. In fact, the bigger size makes it longer, which I liked better.

So anyway, we were getting the dress. Poked around a little bit in hopes of finding a shawl or cardigan that might look good (the dress is a halter, and she might get cold), but no luck. We were headed to the register, and lo and behold, there's Mark!

He was getting tired of waiting, because we had been in there "forever." In a little bit of alarm, I asked him if he had actually left the keys in the car. He looked at me like I was completely stupid and said, "I LOCKED it."

So then I asked him for the keys. And he got this "oh shit" look on his face, because, yes, people, he had locked the keys into the car. The ONLY keys to the car. Oh, and the cell phone was in there, too, charging.

I found out that the police department no longer does lockouts, but thankfully I have AAA (that membership has more than paid for itself already this year, between the tow and this). And the people at the service counter at TJ's were very helpful in allowing me to use the phone and even looking the police number up for me. Thank you, TJ people!

It took about an hour to get the guy there, and then just a couple of minutes for him to unlock it. The kids were fascinated to watch the guy break into our car for us.

So Mark was persona non grata for a little while, but I got over my grump fairly quickly. It did, however, frighten me to think that in a very few short years, this kid thinks he's going to be ready to drive. mk

And yes, it is on my list to get copies of the key made, and one of these.


BarnGoddess said...

oh no!!!!

Ive been there 14yo has locked the keys in my car twice, grrr. Maybe Id better look into AAA.......

Anonymous said...

Hi MK.....

After you make your extra may want to think about leaving a 'spare' at your folks' house, your friend Brenda's house....etc. I too have Triple-A. The jump-starts they've provided to my son just THIS YEAR have made it worthwhile. But sometimes, during 'peak periods', they can make you wait a l-o-o-o-n-g time. It might be quicker to a have a friend or family member come to your rescue. I keep a spare at my job, and another at my folks' house (halfway between my home and my job).

Of course, this might not be do-able all at once, if you have one of those 'special' keys that only the dealer can create for almost $100 each! (The ones that send a signal to the engine, so it can start!)

Well - good luck anyway!
P.S. - the place we stayed at last year was called Ledges by the Bay, in Rockport; ever hear of it?


markira said...

BG, Oh yes! Glad to know I'm not the only one with a scatterbrained boy around. :D

Way ahead of you...already planning to leave keys at my folks' house (also at Brenda's would be redundant...I always know how to get into my parents' house) as well as on the car, a spare in the purse, a couple at home, including one hidden where I (or a properly designated representative) can get to it if the house is locked....several other ideas a-percolating. Fortunately, I don't have one of the bazillion-dollars-to-make keys, which makes it even more puzzling that I have not already done the spare key thing.

Of course I know the Ledges. Close family friends who come up several times a year always stay's particularly good on the off-season. mk