Friday, February 15, 2008

Sometimes It's So Hard To Play It Cool

I am trying sooooo hard to just be laid back about this and, you know, not be all hyperexcited or make a big deal about the dance tonight or anything, but man he makes it hard.

We're leaving in an hour to pick up Eddie (and also MarkS). Mark just finished taking the longest shower ever (I'm not sure he's ever been so dirty in his entire life to warrant the length of that shower), and then I heard this banging around in the bathroom that I couldn't figure out. And then. I heard it.

Mark was blow-drying his hair.

Mind you, Mark's usual method of hair care consists of toweling off after a shower. So my jaw literally dropped when I realized what he was doing.

It's kinda hard to stay chill after that. I want to giggle. I really, REALLY want to giggle.

Must. Not.

However, I've been MUCH kinder than my father. He called and when Mark answered the phone, Dad put on a high-pitched voice and said, "Hi, this is Kelly, is Mark there?"

And Mark, my darling sweet adorable boy, hung up on his grandfather.

Dad called back and he was laughing so hard he could barely talk. I called up the stairs and said mockingly, "Mark! You hung up on Gramp!" and I hear Mark up in his room muttering with the fake high voice, "thisiskellyismarkthere" and he yelled back, "He crank called me!"

Aren't we good to each other?


BarnGoddess said...

lol! boys are strange creatures.

my 14 yo went to the dance last night...I asked him if he danced, he said yeah. I asked w/ who, he said, girls. its like pulling teeth!

Kate said...

Good for him, with the hanging-up. We've worked hard to raise children who can respond appropriately to chain-yanking, because my father considers it his raison d'ĂȘtre to yank the chains of his loved ones.

markira said...

Yes, tormenting our children is one of the great pleasures. Until, that is, they figure out that they can torture us, too!