Friday, February 22, 2008

Reasons My Kids Like It When I'm Exhausted

Mark: Mom, can Kira and I play the PS2?
Me (exhausted from a mere 3 days in the Boston area): sure, whatever

Kira: Mom, can we have a cookie?
Me: sure, whatever
Kira: Mark! We can have cookies!
Me: Cook-IES?
Kira: Mark! We can have a cookie!
Mark: Can we have two cookies?
Me: sure, whatever
Kira: WOW! Can we have THREE cookies?
Me: sure, whatever
Mark: Can we have FOUR cookies?
Me, giving him a look:
Mark: Three cookies. Got it.

Kira: Mom, can we have some Nerds? And maybe watch a movie?
Me: sure, whatever
Kira: Mark! We can have some Nerds or a lollipop or a movie!
(and somehow they ended up having Nerds AND lollipops AND Bottlecaps AND Laffy Taffy)

Kira: Mom, where do we put the candy bags? Or do we just leave them on the counter?
Me: yeah, sure, whatever, leave 'em on the counter

And Kira is now zooming around the living room/dining room/kitchen circuit, chattering away while Mark goes through every single video game they own as they try to agree on ONE to play first. I thought they were watching a movie?

Yeah, sure, whatever. mk

Coming soon! (or, more likely: coming eventually!) More of my Boston adventures, including my first-ever Cheesecake Factory experience (Reader's Digest version: Oh.My.God.), the biggest mall in the world (or at least in New England--same thing, right?), the caution-tape dress, and the best furniture store you will ever visit. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Sounds like you had a great trip! I can't wait to hear all about it. This is a great kids totally take advantage when they know I'm tired, too. Jon and Abby left yesterday and I have some pretty funny stories. Talk to you soon. Ro