Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Murphy and the Mechanic

You know how your kid can be deathly ill so you call the doctor's office, frantic, and get them to squeeze the child in for an appointment and you race over and by the time you get there the kid is fine?

Yeah, my car is like that.

I've been dealing with its temperamental crap for over a year now, and I'm really losing my patience. It's not like I can afford to buy a new car, and if I could just get this problem fixed, I'd be fine. But first I have to get it to do its thing for Mike, my mechanic.

So yesterday morning it did its "I don't want to start" thing, but changed its mind and let me drive it all around all day. And then after three hours at the school it decided it didn't want to go home, so it ended up staying for a sleepover. The last time it did this, the next morning I got a ride to the school (on the bus, no less...Mark was HORRIFIED), and it started right up. Today, no dice. (although this time I had a friend drive me instead of taking the bus)

Fortunately, I have AAA, so I called them and arranged for a tow to Mike's. Went back to the school in the van, tried the car again (nothing), waited an hour for the tow guy, tried it again (still nada), he spent forever getting it hooked up to haul backwards out of the parking spot and turned around so he could get it hooked up properly for the tow to Mike's.

And at Mike's, it started right up.

I swore. Loudly. In front of my father, who had met me there (for some dad-type reason).

Anyway, Mike's going to hook it up to his computer diagnostic machine anyway and see what comes out, and also give it a complete tune-up, which it is long overdue for. We'll see how it goes. I hope he finds something fixable. I am soooooooo sick of this. mk

p.s. On the plus side, today I loaded more memory into my computer. Now I'm going to look at putting a second hard drive in. I'll Frankenstein this baby yet.

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The Beast Mom said...

Bah, you have a demonic car. We had one of those too. It IS freakin' annoying. I hope your guy finds the issue soon.